[Review] Malady – Ainavihantaa

Malady is a band founded in Helsinki in Finland in 2010 that offers Progressive Rock with reminiscences of Scandinavian artists of the 70s. Their sound is permeated with Hammond, Mellotron and winds, giving a personal touch also thanks to the Finnish sung. Their third album “Ainavihantaa” was released on December 10, 2021 via Svart Records and contains 6 medium to long length tracks. The album opens with “Alava Vaara” with a nice analog sound, warm and of the ’70s matrix, with intertwining keyboards and a hypnotic and supportive bass line. At the center of the sound there are the valuable keyboard mixes that blend with the winds, while the vocal is warm and expressive resulting in an added value. Enriched by tempo changes and in the finale by an excellent sax solo insert, this song immediately plunges us into the pleasant atmosphere of the album. The following “Vapaa Ja Autio” is an instrumental track with melancholy sounds, with that unmistakable Scandinavian touch. After an intro with the sax in evidence with a change, space is given to the guitar which alternates in a prolonged solo with the clarinet. Delicate and elaborate at the same time, it leaves the right space for all artists to enhance their technique, and then in the second part increase the intensity by creating very intense refined textures. “Sisävesien Rannat” is characterized by an excellent keyboard background, a solid and elaborate rhythm, with good guitar work. The winds add valuable stylistic solutions to the melodies, and the band is adept at creating continuous tempo changes and modulating sounds, as well as offering quality inserts. In the middle of the piece the vocal with melancholic features enters, and with an interweaving of clarinet claland and effects it closes. With a background of Mellotron and rhythmic drumming opens “Dyadi,” to which are added the winds and a vocal that alternates solo and other choral parts. In the central part the instrumental section comes to life with valuable interweaving of winds and keyboards, which develops between solo inserts and effects, enriched by tempo changes. The shortest track on the album “Haavan Väri” an instrumental that starts with a killer bass-line and winds dominating the melodies. From the more Fusion traits that mix with the Prog, in the first part it is more accelerated, while in the second the organ offers a much sought after solo. Closes the album “Ainavihantaa” which begins with a solid drumming and a carpet of keyboards and a deep and load-bearing bass line. The melancholy features permeate the sound, with the winds guiding the melodies, and then a delicate vocal enters. The intensity increases with the passage of the piece, which in the second part offers pompous melodies to the winds, closing with a crescendo. An interesting band, which offers an album influenced by the Scandinavian sounds of the early 70s, but with a modern and personal touch. Good mixes between keyboards and winds, which guide the sound, while the rhythmic session is elaborate and full of tempo changes. Mainly of a Symphonic mold, there is no shortage of solo inserts and the most intricate intertwining of the instruments, while the vocal parts are warm and expressive and interpret the tracks with passion. A listening recommended for lovers of Progressive sounds from Northern Europe, this band is able to bring the atmosphere of the 70s to the present day with their personal touch.


01. Alava Vaara (06:43)
02. Vapaa Ja Autio (06:21)
03. Sisävesien Rannat (06:41)
04. Dyadi (07:07)
05. Haavan Väri (03:43)
06. Ainavihantaa (07:01)


Babak Issabeigloo / Guitar, Vocals
Ville Rohiola / Hammond, Mellotron, Wurlitzer, Minimoog, Piano, Vocals
Taavi Heikkilä / Alto & Tenor Saxophones, Clarinet
Jonni Tanskanen / Bass
Juuso Jylhälehto / Drums, Modular Synthesizer

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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