[Review] Blodiga Skald – The Undrunken Curse

Blodiga Skald is a Folk Metal band founded in Rome, Italy on 2014 by Daniele Foderaro and Nicola Petricca. After the first EP of 2018 the band released 2 Full-Lengths, the last of which was “The Undrunken Curse” released on April 24, 2020 through SoundAge Productions. The album contains 12 mid-length tracks, including a Bonus Track and a featuring with Cruachan’s Keith Fay. The band offers a mature album with very refined sounds, with a strong presence of the Folk component and the keyboards that thanks to the orchestrations offer solutions also in the Symphonic Metal field. This mix of multiple genres and styles is successful, combining the Folk component with the heavier Metal and the Symphonic one, the aggressive singing and sweeter female vocal inserts. The final result is well made, with many ideas well blended and the right space is given to all the instruments as well as to all the styles that then flow into the very personal and original sound of the band. A winning mix of orchestral and folk melodies of various genres, passing from oriental sounds to those of European folk with ease. It is difficult to determine which songs are better than others and this is a positive aspect, as the quality is great and is constant for the entire duration of the disc. But if we have to point out some song in particular, the opener “The Curse” best sums up the musical path that we will undertake by listening to this album. Another song that I would like to point out is “Sbabobo,” a pulled track with pompous orchestrations and a rhythmic session close to Power Metal, full of tempo changes and original ideas. “To The East Of Sorrow Town” is a winning mix of Balkan traditional music, powerful Metal with a circus sounding interlude, fun and well constructed. Worth noting is the short (about 1 minute) “Fugue,” the famous piece of classical music adapted to perfection. Also noteworthy and well articulated is the song that sees Keith Fay of Cruachan as a guest “Yo-Oh The Sail Is low,” very well structured with continuous tempo changes and captivating melodies. Overall a very well constructed and executed album, highlighting the individual technique of all the artists involved and the many original ideas the band has to propose. A pleasant and smooth listening, which, as previously mentioned, maintains a high quality level for the entire duration of the album. Being a blend of Folk, Metal and having a massive dose of orchestration, it will be appreciated by a wider audience than that of Folk Metal. A listening recommended to all lovers of modern Metal sounds, both Folk and Symhonic with some forays also into Power, a record release that confirms the good things heard in the previous albums.


  1. The Curse (04:37)
  2. Yargak (04:52)
  3. Sbabobo (03:30)
  4. Estelain (04:34)
  5. Spirits of (Water 04:27)
  6. The Sacrifice (03:38)
  7. Tourdion (01:40)
  8. To the East of Sorrow Town (Circus of Pigsley) (06:22)
  9. Fugue (01:05)
  10. Yo-Oh the Sail Is Low (04:30)
  11. Never Leave a Friend Behind (04:51)
  12. TechnoBlodiga! (05:12)


Tuyla “The Glorious One” / Accordion, Keyboards
Vargan “Shepherd Tamburine”/ Drums
Ghâsh “Barbarian Know-All” / Guitars
Rükreb “The Noble One” / Bass
Axuruk “Jejune” / Vocals
Yindi “Servant of Anor’s Flame” / Violin, Female Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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