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Las Historias is an emerging band from Cordoba, Argentina born in 2018 that after some period of adjustment in 2019 completes the lineup and starts recording their own music. The band’s sound is Heavy Psychedelic Rock with Blues Rock, Doom and Stoner veins creating a personal style inspired by past artists in particular Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix Experience. The guitar is the protagonist with massive riffs and well-balanced solos, alternating heavier moments with softer ones, giving life to homogeneous and well-blended tracks. The self-titled album we are about to review was designed to be self-produced only in Digital, originally containing 4 songs, to which one was added in the LP version released on Electric Valley Records. The opener “Lord of poisons” opener starts with a distorted guitar that creates a very Psychedelic atmosphere to which the rhythm session is gradually added. Entirely focused on the guitar that is stratified increasing the intensity with the passage of the song. “Frankenstein” features a slow rhythm session creating a structure similar to Desert Rock tracks on which they draw Hendrix-style guitar melodies. The structure, like the solo, alternates calmer moments with others that are more tense and the vocal when it comes into play is powerful and decisive, however leaving plenty of room for the instrumental jam. A good song that recalls the records of the early 90s, with the instruments free to express themselves also given the long duration. A softer and more lysergic start and “Hada godmother,” a journey made of chords in minor and a deep and hypnotic bass. The overlapping layers and an effected vocal complete this track, which in the second part is transformed by entering a more Doom territory made of distorted guitars. “Ya vendrán” is the longest track of the album, which once again plows the land of the previous one, with the guitar, however, heavier and more distorted. The long instrumental jam guides us on this journey through the guitar layers, to which a cleaner vocal is added. Always at the center of the project, the guitar gains the stage showing the different solutions and sound possibilities available. Closing the album “Mayhem and Sex” is much heavier in the riffs with the guitar full of effects and a Doom atmosphere. The guitar is layered creating a powerful distorted atmosphere that will surely appeal to lovers of these sounds, while the vocal is always short-lived, leaving a lot of room for instrumental inventions. A predominantly instrumental album, where the vocals are almost side dish giving space to the long Doom / Psychedelic style jams, giving a clear imprint to their sound. Many ideas and clear, offering a debut that will surely please the lovers of these sounds, offering different facets that go from Doom to Stoner, through Psychedelia and Desert Rock with technique and quality.


1. Lord of poisons (04:49) [LP Only]
2. Frankenstein (07:48)
3. Hada madrina (05:06)
4. Ya vendrán (08:38)
5. Mayhem and sex (04:11)


Juan Tamargo / Drums
Tomas Iramain / Guitar and Voice
Manuel Re / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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