[Review] Celestial Bums – Sleep Inside A Horse

Barcelona based Celestial Bums were formed in late 2010 by Japhy Ryder along with drummer Augusto J. Marchetti and guitarists David In Furs and Gregoire Iwaniec. They are among the main exponents of the Spanish Neo-Psychedelic wave, and after the release of their self-titled debut in 2012 they started an intense live activity that led them to tread the main stages of the European Psych Underground scene. Since 2018, however, the band has had to face a series of events that have undermined its stability, such as forced changes in the lineup, illnesses and damage to the group’s material in the rehearsal rooms. They have not lost heart and thanks to their willpower we are here to review their latest album “Sleep Inside A Horse.” Released on October 7, 2020 via Analog Love Records, it contains 8 medium length tracks that describe the past two hard years. The vicissitudes inside the band, the sensations and emotions experienced, but also the strength that helps us to move forward, all with mature and less weighty sounds than the previous ones.What the band offers on this album is a blend of Dreamy Psychedelia, melancholic melodies and Drampop veins, all with a personal style. The sounds of the band are softer, as we said at the opening of review, presenting fewer layers of guitar and less dirty sounds. However, it is seasoned with that dreamlike touch that characterizes the bands of modern Psychedelia, creating engaging atmospheres guiding us through this journey along 8 tracks. Pleasant, smooth and with an easy-to-grasp approach, without too intricate passages, accurately expressing the feelings, fears and hopes that the band has faced in the recent past. All balances are respected and the work is successful, for a group that over time has managed to establish itself in the European Psychedelic scene with determination. A soft and delicate album, where the cohesion and union of the group certainly makes the difference, without solo cues but favoring the whole and sound compactness. The sounds here are more reasoned, entering the most reflective trend of the genre, with an attention to detail that makes the difference, showing an album with attention to detail. A listening recommended for lovers of the most delicate and reflective sounds of Psychedelic Rock, enriched by dilated sounds, leaving out the distortions and tight rhythms. A good album, which flows pleasantly for its entire duration, with interesting ideas and well-developed plots, which also highlights how much the desire to make music by the band has overcome the tough challenges that sometimes life puts before us.


1. First Morning Away (04:07)
2. Longing (01:11)
3. The Number One (03:29)
4. Free Will Letdown (04:39)
5. The Sky Upon Us (05:50)
6. Visions Of The Horla (05:28)
7. Lunar Pop (02:04)
8. Mångata (04:47)
9. What Makes It Fade (06:31)


Japhy Ryder / Vocals, Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Accoustic Guitars, Bass
Augusto J. Marchetti / Drums, Drum Machine, Samples

Marc Bromway / Bass, Backing Vocals in Visions of the Horla
Imanol Salvador / Keyboards
Fer Acosta / Backing vocals in Mångata

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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