[News] Chocobo Band to release the new Final Fantasy themed album “Tales from Other Worlds”

As communicated by the Chocobo Band on the official facebook page:

Chocobo Band, an Italian group that reworks the most famous songs taken from the soundtracks of the Final Fantasy videogame saga, announces the release of the second album entitled “Tales from Other Worlds“.
Unlike the previous work “Shuffle or Groovy“, focused on reinterpretations of the songs in an intimate and experimental way, this new journey into the fabulous universes of the series is a concentrate of Power and Epicity, which will allow you to savor the same emotions felt in front of the most exciting Progressive Rock/Symphonic Metal games.
The proposed songs range through the most famous chapters of the saga and have been rearranged according to the taste of the band to ensure a cinematic and impactful rendering as possible. In addition to the elaborate orchestral scores and electronic digressions, there will also be a real choir recorded live to underline the most epic parts. Naturally there will be some tastes of the romantic ballads, characterizing moments of each chapter of the video game series, which will allow you to dream with melancholy atmospheres before new, exciting battles against the bosses.
The album will be available from the second half of December in physical copy and on all the most famous streaming and digital download platforms.

Below the original post from the band’s official Facebook page:

Below is the complete tracklist:

01. Somnus (from FFXV)
02. Apocalypsis Noctis (from FFXV)
03. One-Winged Angel (from FFVII)
04. Suteki Da Ne (from FFX)
05. Battle Medley – Force Your Way (from FFVIII)
06. Battle Medley – The Rocking Grounds (from FFIII)
07. Battle Medley – Those Who Fight Further (from FFVII)
08. Free Fatals (from FFVIII)
09. Clash on the Big Bridge (from FFV)
10. Eyes on Me (from FFVIII)
11. Death Medley – JENOVA (from FFVII)
12. Death Medley – The Extreme (from FFVIII)
13. Death Medley – Dancing Mad Pt. I (from FFVI)
14. Death Medley – Dancing Mad Pt. II (from FFVI)

The members of the Chocobo Band are:
Beatrice “Bea” Bini / Voice, Choral Arrangements
Michele “Mike” Pelillo / Vocals, Guitars, Mixing
Salvatore “Zap” Zappalà / Guitars
Gabriele “Gafo” Lei / Bass
Giacomo “Gemo” Ferrari / Keyboard, Orchestral Arrangements
Francesco “Kikko” Roncaglia / Drums
Riccardo “Mad” Barbieri / Keyboard, Orchestral Arrangements

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