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Chaos Over Cosmos is a project born thanks to a remote collaboration via the internet and conceived by Rafal Bowman, multi-instrumentalist and composer. The artist in this project creates music with his collaborators at a distance, thanks to the help of the web, which allows him to compose music and lyrics in distant countries and then combine them together to give life to the band’s albums. The first album has been positively reviewed on our webzine and you will find the link at the bottom of the article. Rafal sent us the new album “The Silver Lining Between the Stars” released on August 1, 2021 and containing 5 medium-long duration tracks that enhance the compositional skills of the artists involved.

Chaos Over Cosmos return with a 5-track virtuosic epic featuring stories of interstellar serial killers, introspective wendigos, and nihilistic criticisms of religious institutions. With beautifully complex guitar melodies, dense rhythms, poetic lyrics and passionate vocal deliveries, this album delivers a harmonious galaxy filled with organized chaos. Where the music sings of optimism, the lyrics and vocals offer a warning of doom and deception.” – Chaos Over Cosmos

The opener “Violent Equilibrium” is the longest track on the album, an impactful track that immediately features powerful guitar riffs and an ever-changing rhythm session. Technical and virtuous, a song full of intensity, which condenses within it many different styles of Metal, from Prog to the most extreme with a wealth of details. Full of positive ideas, he immediately immerses us in the sound atmospheres desired by rafal, skilled in mixing different styles, with a high-level technique. The guitars are at the center of the project, the rhythms are tight, there are all the elements to capture a very large audience of the modern Metal scene, with an extreme vocals too. “The Last Man in Orbit” has a softer structure and more reasoned and less drawn developments, showing a facet closer to the Prog Metal than the previous one. The personal technique is indisputable and the ability to combine extreme vocals and melodies with more delicate passages is indisputable, the guitar phrases are very precise and the remote work is not heard as it seems like a record played in the same studio. The shorter track “Eternal Return” is so far the softest on the album, although the rhythm is always fast and strictly Metal. The tempo changes are also here an added value and the melodies slightly dampen the tones in the middle of the accelerated pieces that precede. “Control ZED” begins with a guitar virtuosity and a dizzying rhythm session, we find here an excellent synth support, which takes the sound into the future. The artists know how to involve the public of extreme modern metal, taking care of the details in the smallest details, from the voice to the never banal sounds. Closes the album “The Sins Between the Stars,” thus concluding this intesyellar journey and this narrative of this galactic serial killer. Unlike the previous ones, this song begins in a very soft way and for the first time with a cleaner vocal, it proves that the ideas are many and well distributed within the disc. After the first tempo change, we return to harder sounds, always highlighting both the technique and the executive capacity. The long duration of the strap is exploited to finish this job pleasantly. Those who have listened to the previous album will agree in saying that they have maintained and perfected the executive and compositional technique, adding more refined passages and even more refined tempo changes. A listening recommended for all lovers of the most extreme and experimental sounds of modern Prog Metal, perhaps difficult for traditionalists, but which after listening to it can be appreciated by all kinds of Metal audiences. Skilled in mixing different sounds and styles, a technical and virtuous album that offers a personal and futuristic sound.


1. Violent Equilibrium (10:46)
2. The Last Man in Orbit (06:11)
3. Eternal Return (04:03)
4. Control ZED (04:14)
5. The Sins Between the Stars (09:57)


Rafal Bowman / Guitars, Synths, Drum Programming, Songwriting
KC Lyon / Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics

Guest vocal appearance by Keaton Lyon on “The Sins Between the Stars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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