[Review] Chaos Over Cosmos – The Ultimate Multiverse

Chaos Over Cosmos is a remote project born thanks to the internet and the volition of guitarist and keyboard player Rafal Bowman who, in addition to composing music and writing lyrics, also takes care of the rhythmic part on the drum machine. The multi-instrumentalist made use of the collaboration of Javier Calderon in the first release, recently replaced by Joshua Ratcliff, who in addition to the voice collaborates in the drafting of the texts. On June 20, 2020 the duo released “The Ultimate Multiverse” digitally for Narcoleptica Productions, an album that combines Progressive, Metal, Tech Melodic Death sounds and a touch of electronics with a personal style. The album consists of 6 medium-long duration tracks, where Bowman‘s guitar technique stands out. The opener “Cascading Darkness” immediately immerses us with power in the atmosphere of the album, powerful riffs, fast rhythms and synth layers in the background. The drum machine is perfectly inserted in the context, giving the impression of being almost a real drum, while the vocal at times effected and atracts clean adapts perfectly to the proposed sound style. The continuous changes of tempo and the outbursts on the guitar give life to an energetic and well-made song where in the end there is an excellent duet between guitar and synth. “One Hundred” opens with atmospheric noises similar to a thunderstorm, to then give space to a more electronic theme with a low hypnotic synth. Heavy guitar riffs and an alternation of penetrating rhythms of drum machines, sometimes with metal and sometimes with pure electronics, make this song very original. The vocal is effective and uses various singing styles from scream to clean to the choirs always following the logical thread of the song, where the excellent guitar stands out as always. Remarkable tempo changes and virtuosity are not ends in themselves but useful to create a quality song, where music prevails over the vocal with quality. “Worlds Apart” follows, which starts immediately strong with a powerful sound impact, dizzying riffs and constantly changing rhythms. The voice is always modified by effects and the Technical Death component comes out with a rhythmic speed session that the tempo changes and the melodies never make boring. “Consumed” starts more calmly, then climbs into a musical crescendo, where the virtuosity of the guitar stands out, a song closer to Prog Metal, showing both skill and versatility. Here, too, a strong point is the rich tempo changes that make the song smooth and technically well elaborated. “We Will Not Fall” comes into play with another atmospheric intro, to then accelerate beyond belief and then turn on a more Power / Prog rhythm with guitars and keyboards master of the sound. The vowel alternates more scream moments with clean choir effects, in the central part a nice melodic interlude softens the tones. In the second part, on the other hand, the initial theme is taken up with a fine prolonged guitar solo. The album ends with the shorter track “Asimov“, an instrumental with a very intricate structure that alternates melodic phrasing with Metal outbursts, which in a few minutes summarizes all the facets of their sound. A particular project and album, composed and performed remotely, a distance that is filled by the technique of the guitarist and creator of the project Rafal Bowman. The multi-instrumentalist shows all his compositional ability that his virtuosity without exceeding academism. Too bad for the choice to use the drum machine instead of a real drum or even a drummer, it would certainly increase the value of the album, which still remains a good record. Listening to lovers of Prog Metal sounds tending to Death and technicalities is recommended, but which after careful listening could also capture an audience less accustomed to such sounds.


1.Cascading Darkness
2.One Hundred
3.Worlds Apart
5.We Will Not Fall
6.Asimov (instrumental)


Joshua Ratcliff / Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
Rafal Bowman – Guitars, Synths, Drum Programming, Songwriting
Nekkomix Studio – Mix/Mastering

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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