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Corrado Rustici is an artist who during his long career has been able to express his great talent across the ages and genres, also collaborating with top-level international artists. The period of the Italian Prog in groups like Nova and Cervello, then the collaborations with Zucchero, the solo career that sees him as a complete artist. The artist’s latest solo album “Inerfulgent” released on February 26, 2021 combines his past experiences with an electronic and modern rhythm session, offering a good level record. His technique and virtuosity on the guitar predominate, tying in the best way with the electronic component with well-developed songs and intricate phrasing. A particular album, which deviates from the classic canons of Prog managing to offer a work that can be appreciated by different types of public. The contaminations with electronic music give life to 10 fresh, modern tracks, leaving ample room for the guitar but also the experiments in the rhythmic sessions are of exquisite workmanship. An original listening, which combines the past and the present of music, pleasantly flowing from beginning to end both in the softest passages and in the more elaborate ones. It is always nice to listen to works by artists who, despite their long career, still have a great desire to experiment with new sounds and propose something refined and original. Corrado’s merit was in this album, that of putting his great compositional experience and his musical experiences at the service of music and the result is a concentration of technique and passion. A listening recommended to all lovers of the most refined and avant-garde sounds, innovative in some respects, very technical in the compositions and in the guitar textures. Works so halfway between the present and the past can only help the new generations to get closer to a more quality music, thanks to artists like Corrado Rustici good music remains alive.


1.Halo Drive04:43
2.Night of the jackal 05:41
3.The man from Yorkshire (Dedicated to A.H.) 03:59
4.Black Swan 03:56
5.Anna 04:44
6.Interfulgent 04:31
7.Khetwadi Lane 04:01
8.ZuZu Blues 04:28
9.The waters of Enceladus 04:52
10.G. on a sunny day 05:01


Corrado Rustici: Electric and Acoustic Guitars,
©Sophia: Guitar, Keyboards, Inuk, Beats Programming, Synthaxe-Voice in “Khetwadi Lane”.
Alex Argento: Additional Keyboards, Synth solo in “Halo Drive”.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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