[Review] Danny Mellow – Stranger Danger

Danny Mellow is an Italian project that mixes different genres between Experimental, Psychedelia, Jazz and Krautrock, whose name curiously derives from a football player of the japanese manga Captain Tsubasa (Holly & Benjy). The album “Stranger Danger” was released on July 22, 2022 via Rous Records and contains 4 tracks ranging from 5 to over 14 minutes in length, embellished with guitar and sax textures. The opener “Chaser” is the shortest track on the album and opens with a bass line and percussion featuring a hypnotic rhythm section. The sax is inserted and gives a marked imprint to the melodies, intertwining with the guitar, with which prolonged duets between Psych and Jazz sounds are created. The band immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of the album, creating an enveloping sound that brings us back to the sounds of German 70s music. The title track “Stranger Danger” opens with intricate drumming and effects-enhanced guitar and sax inserts, showing a more Experimental side of the band’s sound. After a long introductory part, the song develops by mixing Jazzy traits and a Psychedelic imprint, with the guitar taking the stage with a solo in the first part. The second part leaves room for the virtuoso sax soloist inserts with organ melodies and an intricate rhythm section enriched by continuous tempo changes. “Havana” is characterized by an accelerated rhythm with leading bass lines, closer to the Space Rock sounds, on which the guitar and sax build the melodies. A track that keeps the intensity high and develops with interesting guitar and sax solo inserts, taking us back to the 70s in mind. Embellished with effects and layering, the textures are enveloping and show a more Space Rock facet of the band’s sound. The final track “The Long One” is an epic of over 14 minutes, which develops slowly and with a long introductory part with delicate and enveloping sounds. Around 4 minutes with a change the rhythm section enters with a solid drumming and repeated and hypnotic bass lines on which the intertwining of guitar and sax is stratified. From the Space Rock structure, the song evolves its sound by incorporating elements of different genres and styles between Kraut and Jazz, passing through Psychedelia, thus forging its own personal sound. The sax is the protagonist in the central part I am a prolonged solo, which in the second part of the piece leaves room for the guitar and the piece increases the intensity in a musical screscendo. In the finale the sound returns to the central theme of the song to close. A band that has focused its sound on the long instrumental textures of guitar and sax, built on a solid and elaborate rhythm section. A mixture of sounds attributable to the German panorama of the 70s, between Space Rock, Kraut and Jazz traits that blend with forays into Psychedelia. A recommended listening, which takes you back to the atmosphere of the ’70s, revisited in a modern key and with personal traits, showing good technique and very clear ideas.


01. Chaser (05:06)
02. Stranger Danger (07:38)
03. Havana (06:00)
04. The Long One (14:19)


Luca Casini / Sax
Lorenzo Chirico / Bass
Leonardo Pucci / Drums
Rocco Zulevi / Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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