[Review] Dead Man’s Eyes – III

Dead Man’s Eyes are a band from Cologne, Germany, that plays modern Acid-Folk-Blues with Alternative and Indie Rock influences. The third and new album “III” was released on August 19, 2022 via Tonzonen Records and contains 9 tracks, divided into 3 chapters as the title indicates, between 2:42 and 5:03 minutes long. The three parts into which the album is divided are interlinked, tracing the evolution of the band’s sound over the years, starting with the opener “High on Information” and its soft but rhythmic and engaging atmospheres. From the very first bars, it is clear that we are faced with an album that is difficult to categorise in a single genre, a positive aspect as the band shows maturity and a markedly personal style. “I’ll Stay Around” continues in this softer style, with more retro-sounding acid-folk traits mixed with a modern, personal touch. Turning to more modern sounds, “In My Fishbowl” concludes the first trio of tracks with a more modern rhythm section and electronic sounds mixed with acoustic guitar and a very chill atmosphere. “Time and Space” takes us on a journey through modern pop sounds, with a deep bass line and a style that fuses tradition and the search for new, more electronic sounds. Enveloping and with a Psychedelic feel, thanks to the use of repeated and layered hypnotic melodies, it leads us on this musical trip that continues with “Take Off Soon” and its kille bassline. The vocals are dynamic and expressive, while the layered sounds work very well, involving and guiding the listener to the discovery of evolving sonorities. The trio of tracks closes with “On the Wire” a track that shows another facet of the band’s sound, more influenced by Blues and Country, recalling the American masters of the genre. The last three tracks of the album, which begin with “Into the Madness,” while remaining within the band’s Alternative style, have a more Rock and Blues feel. in this first track, the harmonica adds a Country/Blues touch to the aound, which features a solid rhythm section enriched by engaging tempo changes. This is followed by “Never Grow Up” with energetic and pressing drumming, evolving the sounds of the previous track with forays into Rock. The final “Nobody At All” concludes this journey through the band’s sonorities, which evolve by showing a more aggressive facet thanks to hard guitar riffs and granitic drumming. A band adept at adding its own personal touch to its musical knowledge, bringing the sounds of the late 1960s to the present day with a personal stamp. All three segments of the album are well composed and performed and describe the evolution of the band’s sound over the years, showing maturity and richness of ideas. A recommended listen for lovers of hybrid rock sounds, with influences from various styles and genres and a marked personal touch. An additional compliment and an aspect I would like to emphasise that I read in the press-kit, this band played tour dates in Germany even for only 50 euros in cachet, synonymous with their passion for music and their desire to be noticed.


01. High on Information (04:13)
02. I’ll Stay Around (03:37)
03. In My Fishbowl (03:35)
04. Time and Space (03:12)
05. Take Off Soon (05:03)
06. On the Wire (02:42)
07. Into the Madness (02:24)
08. Never Grow Up (04:27)
09. Nobody At All (03:27)


Simon Reichelt / Guitar, Bass
Peter Engel / Guitar, Vocals
Nima Davari / Guitar, Keyboard, Bass
Simon Mead / Bass, Harmonica, Vocals
Phil Eulgem / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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