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Both with a long career and a lot of experience behind them, Carlo Bordini and Gianluca De Rossi team up to finally release an album together. Known for having played in Italian Progressive Rock bands such as Rustichelli and Bordini, Goblin, Cherry Five and Taproban, the duo offers this record with a markedly 70s sound. Titled “De Rossi e Bordini” it was released on February 26, 2022 via Ma.Ra.Cash. Records and contains 4 long-running tracks. A spoken voice introduces us to listening to “Il Pozzo dei Giganti” to which an elaborate drumming in the background is gradually added. The track immediately comes to life with the entry of the 70s-style keyboards, central to the sound, using the organ for the bass lines and intertwining synth and Hammond creating intricate textures. We are immediately catapulted back in time, with Bordini‘s solid and elaborate drumming, communicating at best with De Rossi‘s keyboards. The two artists understand each other perfectly and the track is tight and energetic, with refined passages, continuous tempo changes and that unmistakable 1970s trademark. The second track “La Porta nel Buio” is another epic of over 18 minutes that begins with the percussion and piano textures, creating a dreamy atmosphere. Between continuous tempo changes, the intensity increases and a valuable organ solo comes into play, enhancing the virtuoso technique of De Rossi who weaves a large amount of different sounds and keyboards. In the central part Gianluca offers the first sung part of the disc, with a warm and expressive vocal. With a succession of markedly Progressive and retro elaborate textures with a dark touch, the track flows pleasantly until the closure. “Natività” is the shortest on the album, offering a solid sound, evolving the main keyboard theme, repeated and hypnotic. The track is live, compared to the others it is shorter but still intense and in the finale the duo earns well-deserved applause. Closes the album “Cammellandia” which refers to the well-known song by Rustichelli and Bordini of the 70s. This passage was also recorded live, re-proposing the well-known track which, after almost 50 years, is always very engaging. The individual technique of the two artists is of the highest level, and the two complement each other perfectly, also managing to bring this valuable instrumental piece back to the present day. A very interesting album with keyboards at the center of the project and a solid and elaborate drumming, full of tempo changes and intricate passages. The duo completes itself perfectly, bringing the magical atmosphere of the 70s back to the present day, also using an instrumentation that is precisely the one used at the time. 3 long epic tracks and a shorter one, where the two artists show an excellent state of form and an indivudual technique of absolute level. A listening recommended for all lovers of pure progressive Rock sounds, many keyboards and solid and massive drumming.


01. Il Pozzo dei Giganti (19:05)
02. La Porta nel Buio (18:42)
03. Natività (04:57)
04. Cammellandia (12:58)


Carlo Bordini (Cherry Five) / Drums, Percussions, Speech
Gianluca De Rossi (Taproban, Cherry Five) / Keyboards, Taurus Pedals, Voice

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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