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Dead Venus was born as a solo project by Seraina Telli (Ex-Burning Witches) in 2015, offering Progressive Metal sounds. After the debut, Andre Gaertner on bass and Mike Malloth on drums joined the lineup, thus releasing in 2022 the sophomore album “Flowers And Pain” via Team H Entertainment. Containing 11 tracks plus a bonus track, confirming the excellent vocal skills of the singer and leader of the band, mixing Metal and Prog sounds. The album opens with the intro “The Cognition” of just over 1 minute in duration, centered on a dark intertwining of guitar and piano that opens more symphonic in the finale. After the introductory song it’s the turn of the guitar-driven Melodic Progressive Metal title track “Flowers & Pain,” with a solid rhythmic session. The real added value of the piece is the vocal part, which enhances Seraina’s technical skills, while the is enriched by the tempo changes in the instrumental section. The second part of the piece is more elaborate than the first, with the guitar always at the center of the stage. An acoustic guitar arpeggio and a warm, expressive vocal begin “Lily of the Valley,” which develops softer sounds in the first part. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes and the entry of the electric guitar and the rhythm session, a solid mid tempo, while the guitar is always at the center of the sound. The vowel offers here another convincing and pathos-laden proof, which shows another facet compared to the previous one, always of a high level. The longest track on the “Plaything Doll” album is more accelerated in drumming and more Metal imprinted, with the vocals performing in another refined interpretation. Good mixes between guitar and keyboards, with the rhythmic session in continuous evolution and refined and intricate passages that create a dark atmosphere. Between accelerations and softer and more symphonic openings the track is engaging and articulated, enhancing the technique of all the elements of the band. “The Haunted Palace” is a very intense and full of pathos track centered on piano and voice, enhancing the extension of the frontgirl. “That Creation” is a very energetic and elaborate 50 second interlude where bass and guitar duet very well, with a frenetic rhythm. A melancholic guitar arpeggio and a deep vocal open “Revelation of Hate” another track of over 8 minutes, very intense. The first part is more Rock with Blues veins, while in the central part the band sprigioan all its energy and technique giving life to elaborate plots and weaves. The aggressive vocal and the heavier sounds characterize the second part that develops through continuous changes of tempo and a long instrumental section, in the final the vocal returns for the last verses and to close. The piano and a very intense vocal start “Little King” a track that increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes, turning into a granite rock piece with massive guitar riffs. The vocal is at the center of the scene, certainly giving that extra something to the song, making it more incisive and engaging. More modern sounds that experiment in the most extreme confines of Prog Metal characterize “Anna Moll,” who after a more intricate first part, with a change back on a more linear rhythm. Massive guitar riffs and an energetic rhythmic session, on which the dynamic vocal of Seraina is inserted, an added value. “The Release” is another long song of over 8 minutes that opens with a soft piano that intertwines with the notes of the bass, to which a deep and intense vocal is added. A winning blend of Rock sounds with forays into Brazilian Jazz, creating a very original and engaging track, full of refined ideas and elaborate textures. The mixes between guitar and piano are good and the mixture of several genres and styles is original. The final track “Keeps you Alive” is a 2 minute outro with dilated and atmospheric sounds, which closes this pleasant musical journey. But the album is not actually finished, there is still room for the bonus track, which is the cover of “Bang Bang.” Re-proposed with its own personal style, but remaining fairly faithful to the original, this piece enhances Seraina’s vocal skills, we know the track and I must say that this is a good version. They managed to give it a Heavy touch in the middle, closing with a noteworthy musical crescendo. A pleasant album, with some passages of exquisite workmanship and quality ideas, developed by enhancing the technique of both instruments and vocals. The plots are refined and the proposed genre is a Progressive Metal with personal and modern features. A listening recommended for all lovers of the harder sounds of Prog, where there are more delicate passages and where the singer’s voice stands out and is enhanced, always at the center of the stage.


01. The Cognition (1:06)
02. Flowers & Pain (7:31)
03. Lily of the Valley (4:12)
04. Plaything Doll (8:33)
05. The Haunted Palace (3:37)
06. That Creation (0:52)
07. Revelation of Hate (8:32)
08. Little King (3:41)
09. Anna Moll (6:29)
10. The Release (8:03)
11. Keeps you Alive (2:00)
12. Bang Bang (Bonus Track) (3:32)


Seraina Telli / Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
Andre Gaertner / Bass
Mike Malloth / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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