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Eclectic Maybe Band is the creation of Guy Segers, musician and composer, first bassist of the historic band Univers Zero and active with other projects both live and studio. The album “Again Alors?” released on March 04, 2022 via Discus Music contains 8 long-running tracks, to which numerous artists from the international scene have collaborated. The album opens with “Disquiet” which is also the longest track, exceeding 13 minutes in duration. A long intro with mainly Experimental features with the keyboards at the center of the sound, and then at 5 minutes change with the entry of drumming, remaining however in a context between Free Jazz and experimentation. The intensity increases with the passage of the piece, which in the second part offers an intertwining of virtuous and frenetic solos with the guitar at the center of the scene. An opening track that immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of the album, showing how the band’s sound is very technical, recalling at times bands just like Universe Zero. The winds that intertwine with the keyboards open “Retable Vertigineux” a very elaborate track, characterized by a first part with more dilated sounds. In the second part with an intricate drumming, it increases the intensity, concluding these 8 minutes of experimentation in a musical crescendo halfway between retro and modern. “Further On The Ladder” is the first track where the vocals and a fine duet between guitar and keyboards and continuous tempo changes appear. A mixture of dark sounds and irregular rhythms, combining more Progressive passages with Experimental features, enhancing the compositional and executive technique of the band. A particular track that thanks to the vocal captures the listener’s attention, making him travel among the refined sounds and the modern and original features proposed by the band. A prolonged atmospheric intro opens “Tingling Skin” characterized by sound effects and piano notes that intertwine giving a spatial effect. The orchestrations and an excellent use of effects make this track particular and highly sought after, to be inserted in a context of high quality experimentation. Continuing on the sounds of the previous “Voici Voila” it again presents a blend of expertly used effects and winds. Slowly the rhythmic session enters, giving life to a track that combines various genres and styles between RIO and Free Jazz, with the wind great protagonists of the sound with highly sought after and technical solo inserts. “A Beast Trophy” presents positive melodies and a fine and cheerful intertwining of winds with a tight rhythmic session enriched by continuous tempo changes. The sound alternates crescendo passages with long solo plots, where the winds take center stage, developing the central theme of the track with virtuosity. We are in a more RIO territory and close to the sounds of the first Universe Zero, with a modern and personal touch, an engaging track. Characterized by a darker atmosphere and intricate “Smudgy Cartography” sounds with continuous tempo changes and solid drumming. The free winds to develop long solo plots on a constantly evolving rhythm, concluding the piece with a musical crescendo to which guitar and keyboards are added. The album ends with “Atomos Keyhole” characterized by a long intro with atmospheric effects and disturbing spoken vocal inserts. 10 minutes of experimentation between effects, guitar inserts as sharp as blades and an electronic touch in some sounds. A complex album, made of refined and Experimental sounds, managing to combine various genres and styles of Prog and beyond, touching RIO and Free Jazz. Long instrumental plots that enhance the technique of the artists involved, including solos and a valuable use of effects, with intricate rhythmic sessions enriched by continuous tempo changes. A listening recommended to all lovers of the most intricate and experimental sounds of Prog with reminiscences of bands such as Univers Zero, with high-level musicians who collaborate to create an excellent album.

Side by Sith


01. Disquiet (13:18)
02. Retable Vertigineux (08:03)
03. Further On The Ladder (07:22)
04. Tingling Skin (06:27)
05. Voici Voila (11:09)
06. A Beast Trophy (08:20)
07. Smudgy Cartography (05:13)
08. Atomos Keyhole (10:20)


Guy Segers / Bass, Virtual Keyboards, Drums, Samples
Carla Diratz / Vocals, Whistle
Cathryn Robson / Vocals
Pierre Bernard / Flute
Roland Binet / Flute
Stephan Kohr / Bassoon, Contrabassoon
Martin Archer / Clarinet
Dirk Descheemaeker / Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Dave Newhouse / Saxophones, Bass Clarinet
Joe Higham / Clarinet, Keyboards
Jean Pierre Soarez / Trumpet
Cécile Broché / Violin
Ariane Plumerel / Violin
Sigrid Vandenbogaerde / Cello
Catherine Smet / Piano
Andy Kirk / Keyboards
Kazuyuki Kishino / Ghost Machine
Michel Delville / E-Guitar
Ángel Ontalva / Guitar
Pascal Vaucel / Guitar
Fabrice Owerzarzak / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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