[Review] Edredon Sensible – Montagne Explosion

Edredon Sensible is a French band offering Free Jazz Minimal, Trance and Improvisation sounds. The new self-produced album “Montagne Explosion” was released on March 31, 2023 and contains 8 tracks. The opening track “Poulet Gondolé ( Chasuble )” features a rhythm section with percussion and the sax in evidence. A fine blend of World Music and improvised Jazz, with repeated melodies, minimal in structure but hypnotic and enveloping. Intense and energetic, it ends with a musical crescendo and with the sax playing the lead role for the entire duration of the piece. The following “Une Bonne Soupe Au Lard” opens with energetic drumming, again enhanced by percussion. Vocals create engaging choral parts, while the melodies are entrusted to the saxophone, while the intensity increases as the minutes tick by, evolving the central theme of the track. An interweaving of modern sounds and improvised jazz, creating its own distinctly personal style. “GQ” opens with minimal percussion, developed with the addition of sounds in a musical crescendo with the sax taking centre stage. Hypnotic, creating an enveloping atmosphere through layering of sounds and modulations with effects. Interesting solo wind inserts from the middle part lead us to the finale, enhancing the technique of the artists involved. A warm and expressive vocal characterises the first part of “Quand Lo Pastour Bai Amouda,” a softer and more delicate track. A track with more experimental characters, with the vocal parts as the protagonists, enriched by minimal sounds modulated thanks to a skilful use of effects. A repeated, hypnotic sax melody opens “Where Is Un Alcool Japonais Qui Aime Se Baigner En Restant à La Même Temperature.” Percussions characterise the rhythm section, powerful and energetic, making us want to move and dance. The phrasing between drums and percussion is valuable, as are the saxophone inserts with experimental and distinctly Jazzy traits. “Peut Être Ben Hurble” features a percussion-laden rhythm close to the sounds of World Music, over which the saxophone draws melodies and solo inserts. In the second part of the track, the band explores more experimental and soft sounds, enveloping and rich in effects, which show another facet of the band’s sound. The album’s shortest track “Danke Schoen Paul” is a concentration of energy, with a frenetic rhythm and intricate sax inserts. The album closes with “Gros Pinçon,” the longest track in duration, exceeding 12 minutes. A musical crescendo with a massive dose of percussion, textures and saxophone layering, between Jazz, Improvisation and a dose of World Music. The band also cleverly incorporates a massive dose of Experimentation, sound modulations and effects that enhance the technicality and quality of the artists involved. An album that mixes different genres and styles, including Jazz, World Music and Experimental. The sax and percussion take centre stage, creating energetic and engaging rhythmic sections, on which the woodwinds draw intricate and technical melodies and solos. This is recommended listening for lovers of improvised jazz sounds, with influences of World Music and Experimental, Minimalist traits, engaging and with a well-constructed tracklist that keeps the intensity high from the first to the last track.


01. Poulet Gondolé ( Chasuble ) (06:49)
02. Une Bonne Soupe Au Lard (05:04)
03. GQ (07:42)
04. Quand Lo Pastour Bai Amouda (06:25)
05. Where Is un Alcool Japonais Qui Aime Se Baigner En Restant à La Même Temperature (06:09)
06. Peut Être Ben Hurble (08:42)
07. Danke Schoen Paul (02:12)
08. Gros Pinçon (12:06)


Tristan Charles-Alfred / Baritone Sax
Antoine Perdriolle / Drums and Percussions
Mathias Bayle / Drums and Percussions
Jean Lacarrière / Tenor Sax
Lola Calvet
Lisa Langlois
Noëllie Nioulou
Marthe Tourret

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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