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Evership is a musical  project by the composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Shane Atkinson. The project took shape in 2013, but some tracks subsequently produced were written in previous years. The debut album “Evership” was released July 1, 2016 via Melodic Revolution Records, containing 6 tracks, including 3 suites, and the duo Beau West and Shane Atkinson is supported by several guests. The opener “Silver Light” after a pompous introduction with orchestrations, opens with a passionate vocal by West and choirs. Acoustic guitar alternates with riffs and heavier rhythms, and guides the sound, the rhythmic session is solid with deep bass lines. The orchestrations embellish the track and in the instrumental section the atmospheres darken and an excellent guitar solo takes shape. Vocal returns and in the final electric and keyboards intertwine in a solo, an energetic opening that immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of the classy album. “A Slow Decent” is the first suite of the album divided into 6 moments, starting with positive melodies and the vocal. Atmospheres are softer and symphonic, with a sudden change in intensity increases. The synth takes the scene, and the sudden time changes are well-structured and embellish the song. The vocal offers another good proof and the guitar draws a short solo, with the orchestral keyboards in the foreground. In the second half, the riffs get heavier with the 70s hammond style that offers a great solo. It is an intense piece and shows various aspects of their sound, tying in an excellent manner symphonic parts and stronger sounds with excellent guitar solos and keyboards. “Evermore” is divided into two parts, the first begins with symphonic melodies, a sweet voice a soft piano. With a less drawn time and the alternation of soft and other harder moments, with support orchestrations. The second part accelerates in the instrumental section and draws an excellent solo with two with synth and guitar, with the last vocal stanza closes. The sound of the sea and a sweet guitar arpeggio and “Ultima Thule” comes to life. After a first section focused on piano and voice melodies, it increases the intensity, while remaining on a melodic and symphonic atmosphere. In the end a good synth insert and Mellotron, with the rhythm that gets more elaborate, a more delicate passage of the album, well done and pleasant. “Flying Machine” is another suite divided into 3 moments, with an intro with retro sounds, which are transformed into acoustic piano and guitar repeated melodies. The vocal is sweet and stratified, and the piece develops with different atmospheric sound effects, attracted to darker. In the central part atmospheric and vocal effects come into play, and then turn into a dark theme with an excellent vocal. In the final he accelerates, offering a good instrumental section with more positive melodies. The album closes with “Approach” which is a short final of almost 2 minutes with a prolonged and mono tonal atmospheric noise. A good album, with good musical and vocal cues. The ideas are well arranged and executed, offering both symphonic and more aggressive moments, the duets between guitar and keyboards are pleasant and the orchestrations add symphonicity to the sound. A listening experience recommended for lovers of Neo Prog sounds, with Heavy cues and extensive use of orchestrations and synths, solid riffs and melodic interludes.


1. Silver Light (9:26)
2. A Slow Descent Into Reality (12:39):
– I. Everyman
– II. A Slow Descent
– III. Wisdom of the Ages
– IV. Honest with Me
– V. The Battle Within
– VI. Anyman
3. Evermore (10:09):
– I. Eros
– II. Agape
4. Ultima Thule (10:28):
5. Flying Machine (13:44):
– I. Dreamcarriers
– II. Dream Sequence
– III. Lift
6. Approach (1:58)


Beau West / Lead Vocals
Shane Atkinson / Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Theremin, Chapman Stick, Dulcimer, Experimental Guitar, Sound Design, Orchestrations, Vocals

James Atkinson / Acoustic & Lead Guitars
Rob Higginbotham / Classical, Acoustic, Electric Rhythm Guitars
Dan Smalley / Classical Guitar (5)
Brandon Vestal / Electric Guitar (5)
Jaymi Millard / Bass
Nicelle Priebe / Violin
Mike Priebe / Backing Vocals
Charles Heimermann / Choir Director (Live at Green Hills’ Cathedral)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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