[Review] Final Coil – Somnambulant II

Final Coil is an English band that offers Post/Progressive Rock sounds, mixing multiple styles with their own personal traits evolved over the years. On December 10, 2021 they released “Somnambulant II” via Wormholedeath containing 6 tracks. The disc evolves the musical discourse undertaken in the first part, remastered and re-released on the same day. The sound explorations proposed by the band are interesting, skilled in various genres, offering refined sounds. The album opens with “Corruption (Shadows of a Dream)” which begins atmospheric sounds and a piano to which a rhythmic session is added. The repeated sounds are enveloping and the intertwining of keyboards give a hypnotic touch to the song, the effected vocal adds a melancholy touch to the sound. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes and in the finale an intense guitar solo takes the scene, then returns to the vocal and closes. “Lost Hope (Trip)” is the longest track of the disc, with over 7 minutes of duration, which offers a synth sound at the beginning to which the drum created with the programming is added. The modern sounds permeate the song and a vocal full of effects is layered giving a dark touch. Sung parts and instrumental sections alternate, giving life to passages with dilated sounds that lull us for the duration of the track, making us travel, taking us with the mind towards distant worlds. An electronic keyboard and more experimental effects open up “Waste Yr Time (Quills & Trees),” an acid track that mixes electronic and guitar riffs with modern programming rhythm. The vocal always adds that dark touch, while the acidic and distorted guitar inserts are at the center of the melodies. “Echoes Of Corruption (Zero Sum)” is a short passage of just over 2 minutes focusing on dark synth sounds and a vocal with effects, an interesting interlude. “Conviction (Industrial Slaughter)” begins with a powerful rhythm session and electronic sounds and hard guitar riffs mingling. A track that is projected towards the future, exploring very electronic and acidified modern and aggressive sounds, with a wide use of effects. “Imaginary Trip (Still)” begins with piano arpeggios that are stratified, enhancing the modulation of the sounds by the artists involved. The vocal is warm and expressive, adapting well to the very intense and full of pathos musical part, which hiude in crescendo with the insertion of the orchestrations. An album where the band creates a mix of Post Rock, electronic sounds with the band focusing on sound experimentation. Fresh and original this work continues and evolves the musical discourse of its predecessor. A listening recommended to all lovers of the more Experimental Post Rock, where the search for sounds and their modulation are at the center of the project. This project is interesting and the Wormholedeath label is able to propose refined and original artists.


01. Corruption (Shadows of a Dream) (05:29)
02. Lost Hope (Trip) (07:03)
03. Waste Yr Time (Quills & Trees) (04:16)
04. Echoes Of Corruption (Zero Sum) (02:10)
05. Conviction (Industrial Slaughter) (04:32)
06. Imaginary Trip (Still) (05:02)


Phil Stiles / Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Synths & Programming
Richard Awdry / Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Lead Guitar, Programming & Piano
Jola Stiles / Bass & Flute

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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