[Review] Fuzz Sagrado – A New Dimension

Fuzz Sagrado is a Chris Peters project that we already know from his experiences with Samsara Blues Experiment, Terraplane, Solitude, etc. The new album “A New Dimension” was released on February 10, 2022 via Electric Magic Records and contains 9 tracks for the first time with vocals. The album opens with the title track “A New Dimension” and scratchy guitar riffs and rhythmic drumming. The vocal is solid and the sound mixes Psychedelic traits with heavier references, with a good instrumental section in the central part. The rhythm slows down and the atmospheres become more lysergic in the second part which continues to develop the instrumental part. Acoustic guitar and layered vocals begin “Lunik IX” to which the rhythm session is added and with the keyboards in the background the track develops. The atmospheres are darker than the previous one, with an interesting blend of Psychedelia of the past and personal and modern traits. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes and in the central part he offers a good guitar solo. In the second part of the piece sung parts and instrumental sections alternate with a good keyboard solo and mystical sounds in the final. “Baby Bee” is the shortest track of the album, with 2:12 duration, which in the first part features a mix of guitars, while in the second part a vocal and an orchestral background are added. With massive guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic session begins “In Her Garden” a track with more Rock traits. The vocal enters and the first part develops more rhythmic, while with a change in tempo in the central part the piece slows down. Good guitar solo inserts that accompany us in the second part up to the finale. Acoustic guitar arpeggios and a warm and expressive vocal open “The Mushroom Park” to then enter a linear drumming. In the second part an interesting instrumental section with intertwining keyboards and acoustic guitar, and then with the last vocal verse it closes. The longest track on the album “Furthur” features an intro with a biting electric guitar and an inotic keyboard. Alternating more Rock sounds with other electronic ones, it develops between tempo changes and passages halfway between Space and Psychedelia, enveloping the listener and guiding him on this musical journey. With more experimental features, it shows another facet of the artist’s sound, with personal and original features. “Tropical Rain” after a first introductory part, develops with electric guitar riffs and a rhythmic session halfway between electronics and acoustics. The guitar is at the center of the sound with a lead insert in the middle and with the leading riffs for the song. The acoustic guitar opens “Need For Simplicity” to which the synth is inserted, and with an intertwining of arpeggios and melodies a track with a dreamy atmosphere develops. Closes the album “Crashing Cascade” which begins with an interweaving of keyboard melodies and an orchestral background on which the vocal is inserted. The rhythm session is elaborated and the piece increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes, inserting more electronic keyboard melodies in the central part. An album that has some more intense and incisive passages and some less, some good ideas with some interesting tracks. A blend of Psychedelia and Krautrock traits, with some references to the music of the past in a modern and personal version. The central part of the album is the one I found best, with the most interesting ideas that best express the artist’s musical idea, overall a pleasant listening.


01. A New Dimension (07:08)
02. Lunik IX (08:03)
03. Baby Bee (02:12)
04. In Her Garden (04:30)
05. The Mushroom Park (03:42)
06. Furthur (11:35)
07. Tropical Rain (04:39)
08. Need For Simplicity (03:29)
09. Crashing Cascade (03:38)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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