[Review] Ghost Of The Machine – Scissorgames

Ghost of the Machine is an English band that offers Progressive Rock, inspired by the great bands of the past, adding their own modern and personal touch. The debut album “Scissorgames” was released on June 3, 2022 and contains 7 long-running long tracks, including an epic suite of over 17 minutes. The album opens with the long suite “Scissor” which offers a solid Prog sound with fine intertwining between keyboards and guitar, a rhythmic session full of tempo changes and a dynamic vocal. Elaborate instrumental passages and intense vocal parts alternate, with a symphonic approach and a mixture of classic sounds proposed with a modern touch. Marillion’s Neo Prog blends with the personal traits of the band, over 17 minutes of pleasure for lovers of Prog sounds. A mix of guitar and synth opens “Mountain” with a heavier sound and a powerful rhythmic session. The vocal is dynamic and expressive, while the track features positive and engaging melodies with tempo changes and sophisticated passages. A melancholic piano characterizes the intro of “Just For Reference” a more delicate track, full of pathos and more Pop / Prog sounds. In the second part, increase the intensity with a good guitar solo insert, and then gently close with the initial melodies. “January’s Child” returns to the more Progressive sounds with more Heavy features and a good mix between guitar and keyboards. The rhythmic session is solid with load-bearing bass lines, while the vocals are warm and expressive interpreting the lyrics with passion. In the central part a more melodic section characterizes the sound, and then closes in a musical crescendo with harder strokes. A long intro with atmospheric keyboards and guitar inserts characterize “Mercury Rising (Parts I and II)” with dilated sounds and massive guitar riffs. The rhythm is tight and the vocal is energetic, showing good mixes between keyboards and guitar, touching the Heavy Prog with a personal and modern touch.In the central part a more symphonic and delicate section to then accelerate and close in a musical crescendo with vocals engaging that remain in the mind. “Dead To Me” is the softest track on the album, with piano and vocals for most of the song and an intense lead guitar insert in the finale. The album ends with “Scissors (Reprise)” which, as the title suggests, takes up the theme of the initial track with a more melodic and soft first part. In the second part, the intensity increases to close in crescendo with an intense and expressive singing. A pleasant album, which manages to propose the classic sounds of Prog with a personal and modern touch, with long tracks, a suite and elaborate instrumental parts. There are all the ingredients one would expect from a Progressive album. A listening recommended for lovers of classic Prog sounds, revisited in a modern key, combining Neo Prog and Symphonic with the perosnlai traits of the band.


01. Scissors (17:23)
02. Mountain (07:50)
03. Just For Reference (05:33)
04. January’s Child (07:37)
05. Mercury Rising (Parts I and II) (08:42)
06. Dead To Me (04:48)
07. Scissors (Reprise) (10:37)


Charlie Bramald / Vocals and Flute
Graham Garbett / Guitars and Backing Vocals
Mark Hagan / Keyboards, Piano and Mellotron
Stuart McAuley / Bass, Moog Pedals and Mellotron
Andy Milner / Drums
Scott Owens / Guitars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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