[Review] Pâro – Pâro EP

Pâro is a New York duo of Doom Metal with different influences including Post-, Progressive and more extreme Metal, composed by Chris Dalcin and Jason Hartman. The debut EP “Pâro” was released on May 07, 2022 and contains 5 medium length tracks in which they range from various genres. The opening track “1” begins with heavy guitars and a solid rhythm session that moves slowly with some tempo changes. In the second with a change he inserts more Prog / Post-Rock traits always with the guitar riffs in evidence and a solo, to close with an acceleration in the rhythm. In the finale, more Melodic Doom openings alternate with Post-Metal passages, evolving the central theme of the song. Of a more classic Metal matrix, the opening of “2” presents epic riffs, and then accelerates and touches Black Metal rhythms, with fine guitars intertwining. Enriched by the tempo changes this track includes within it the different facets of the band’s sound, showing the heavier side of their sound, with that Atmospheric and dark touch of Scandinavian Metal. A track that develops on the continuous changes in tempo and on the dizzying accelerations of drumming. The shortest track on the album “3” combines Epic traits, harder Metal atmospheres with continuous acceleration and tempo changes. The setting could be Progressive, but mixing harder genres, with a Black Metal imprint and good ideas with refined guitar works. “4” presents the darkest sounds of the band, with a Black Metal approach but revisited in a key with hints of Doom and Prog. A particular blend, enriched by continuous tempo changes and good guitar textures with a good solo in the central part. The listening ends with “5” which begins with the softest part of the disc, then accelerates and returns to a territory of sometimes extreme Metal. Here too the tempo changes and accelerations dominate, with a dark atmosphere that permeates the piece, full of tempo changes but in my opinion too dispersed. An EP that in some passages shows good ideas and interesting ideas, especially in the mixture of genres so different in an original way. Some passages and guitar inserts are good as well as some successful and engaging riffs, but overall the tracks are not always incisive.I would have expected from an instrumental disc more space given to the guitar solo parts, present only in part, a listen however smooth.


01. 1 (06:48)
02. 2 (04:23)
03. 3 03:30
04. 4 04:32
05. 5 05:27


Chris Dalcin / Bass and Drums
Jason Hartman / Guitar and Keys

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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