[Review] Grombira – Lunar Dunes

Grombira is a German band that offers Psychedelic/Space Rock that incorporates elements of World Jazz and Oriental atmospheres, creating a hypnotic and improvised sound. The new album “Lunar Dunes” was released on June 21, 2022 via Tonzonen Records and contains 5 long tracks that make us travel through their space sounds. The opening track “Saraswati Supercluster” is an epic lasting over 15 minutes that immediately plunges you into the Oriental atmosphere of the band’s sound. Percussion and traditional instruments that intertwine, create an enveloping Space Rock sound strongly contaminated by Indian music, making us travel through the elaborate plots of the song. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, developing the theme of the piece with keyboard virtuosity, a hypnotic bass line and a solid and pressing drumming. The following “Civilization One” is another long track of over 13 minutes, which mixes different genres and styles, tied together by the personal style of the band. In continuous evolution, it combines Space Rock and Oriental traits thanks to the continuous changes of tempo and to the valuable and sought after solo plots, enhancing the technique of the band’s musicians. “Dune Tune” is a tribute to the music of the Maghreb, with passionate sounds with a Dub touch and prolonged delicate and intense solo inserts. An original track, which shows another facet of the band, skilled in exploring ever new sounds, giving each song its own distinctive character. With a blend of Arabic and Space Rock sounds “Mad Mullahs” is an engaging track that makes you want to follow the beat and dance. The repeated and hypnotic rhythmic session gives the possibility to develop prolonged and virtuous solo inserts, increasing the intensity in the second part where it becomes even more elaborate. The album ends with “Moonface Kumneitodis” which is the shortest in duration, however exceeding 6 minutes. It opens with an interesting bass line and solid drumming, on which a cue from the soloist of sitar and valuable keyboard works is inserted. Enriched with tempo changes, in the second part Oriental passages alternate with others more Rock, closing this good album in crescendo. A record that shows how the band is skilled in exploring and mixing different sounds and genres, thanks to their personal touch that acts as a leitmotif in the development of the songs. Entirely instrumental and with high level passages, the album is full of ideas and elaborate plots that make us travel between the East and space. A listening recommended for its originality, the technique of the band, enhanced by the elaborate compositions and some virtuous passages, maintaining the very high level for all 5 tracks.

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01. Saraswati Supercluster (15:33)
02. Civilization One (13:12)
03. Dune Tune (07:39)
04. Mad Mullahs (07:55)
05. Moonface Kumneitodis (06:27)


Achim Schmidt aka Ahmed la Fünk / Bass
Manfred Feser-Lampe aka Fredh al Fezer / Drums, Cowbell, Claps, Bow, Shaker, Calebasse, Tambourine
Andreas Leins aka Habib L1 / Keyboards, Synth, Effect Pads
Ralph Nebl aka sheyk rAleph / Sitar, Saz, Oud, Gimbri, Zurna, Ney, Qarqaba, Claps, Tablas, Congas, Darbouka, Riq,WahWah Tubes, Flexaton,Vibra Slap, Chimes, Singing Bowls, Gong, Kalimba, Voice & Samples

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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