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Groop is a Los Angeles Psychedelic Rock / Krautrock with Jazz traits, super group featuring members of Hooveriii and ex members of Frankie & The Witch Fingers. On April 29, 2022 the LP “Groop” was released via Greenhouse Records and Mock Records containing 9 long-running tracks. An explosive mixture of various genres and styles, difficult to catalog and imprison in a single label, touching Jam, Free Jazz, Space Rock, Krautrock and Psychedelia. The long tracks allow the artists involved to freely express all their technique both with virtuosity and with overall sounds. The rhythmic session is solid and constantly evolving with dizzying accelerations and very intricate passages, portantoi and elaborate bass lines. The keyboards, the guitar and the sax are free to enter with virtuous solos and intertwine with technique and quality, mixing retro features and a personal and modern touch make the sound of this album very original. A band that manages to offer a wide range of sounds and modulations, ranging and combining different genres and styles, always keeping the intensity high. Except for the two interludes, all the tracks lead us to explore the most refined sounds of Kraut and Space Rock with a Psychedelic imprint and an improvisation approach typical of the band. Continuing the musical discourse undertaken in the previous recordings, eusto debut LP finally allows us to have a complete vision of the potential of this band, made up of high-level musicians. It will be very interesting to be able to listen to these sounds live, where they will certainly be enhanced by a greater use of improvisation. A listening recommended to all lovers of Psychedelic sounds that range between different genres and styles with an excellent technique and managing to differentiate themselves from the previous projects of the musicians involved. The originality of the sound is certainly one of the strengths of the disc, very intense from start to finish, an excellent trip of over 1 hour to listen to letting yourself be carried away by the overwhelming sounds of the band.


01. Highway Jam (16:07)
02. Fogman (1:30)
03. Toffee Walk (11:39)
04. IWASEAOAF (4:56)
05. Leather Father (1:46)
06. Camelot (14:19)
07. Goodnight Moon (4:08)
08. Luminous Disc (11:30)
09. Helmet (11:46)


Louis Cohen / Guitar
Gabriel Salomón / Saxophone, Synths
James Novick / Modular, Synths
Bert Hoover / Bass
Shaughnessy Starr / drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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