[Review] IAH – III

IAH is an Argentine instrumental trio formed in 2017 in Cordoba. The music proposed by the band is a Psychedelic Rock with Prog and Post-Rock influences and personal characters. They released one EP and two Full-Lengths, the last of which “III” released September 11, 2020 and containing 6 medium-long length tracks. The opener “Uaset” starts with atmospheric effects and only after 1:30 minutes the theme of the song begins to develop with a guitar arpeggio and a soft rhythm session. The intensity increases with the passage of the track, which is characterized by tempo changes that pass from softer and more atmospheric moments to stronger openings, close to Progressive Metal. A good opening that summarizes the ideas of the band and immediately immerses us in what are the atmospheres of the album, deep bass lines, lead guitar and a solid rhythmic session, embellished by numerous tempo changes. “Raju” despite its 6:24 minutes is the shortest track on the record, which focuses on dark and massive guitar riffs and a hypnotic and penetrating bassline. The rhythmic session alternates more rhythmic and elaborate phases with other calmer ones, always with precise and constant tempo changes. The guitar guides the sound, as indeed in all the work, between heavier and distorted riffs and softer and cleaner inserts made of more melodic arpeggios. “Cilene” which starts with a deep bass line and an atmospheric, almost spatial guitar and a soft rhythm session. As the minutes pass, it gains power with sharp distorted guitar riffs that create a dark and heavy atmosphere. Here, too, softer moments alternate, always maintaining that dark vein that characterizes the theme of this piece, between tempo changes and guitar evolutions. “Ennui” is slower and more melancholic, with the repeated drum patterns that follow one another without stopping, the deep and dark bass lines the guitar arpeggios. A rapid acceleration increases intensity and power, between distorted guitars and massive bass lines, entering the ground of Post-Rock. A good track where the tempo changes are an added value as well as the developments of the drum, with the guitar always at the center of the scene. “Lo que hoy es evidente” is the longest track of the whole album, featuring a long atmospheric introductory section, and then comes alive with a slow and repeated rhythmic session. With the passage of the piece that still maintains a linear structure, increasing only the intensity, without major changes in the melodies, which gain power with the insertion of distortion on the guitar. In the final, with the return to clean guitar, the power drops and the song closes. “Una vez fue imaginario” after a softer and more arpeggiated first part with a slow and hypnotic rhythmic session, in the middle of the song the distortion of the guitar opens with power and then enters the field. More elaborate and with darker tones in the second part, he closes this album, always keeping the style and quality of the album on the same level. A good listen for lovers of Psychedelic sounds, with a massive presence of Post-Rock god and slight prog streaks. Repeated and hypnotic guitar riffs and bass lines characterize the IAH sound, with the addition of a drum that embellishes everything with its tempo changes. On the style of modern Psychedelic music from South America, it confirms once again the good things that come out from overseas and from Argentina in particular. In my humble opinion a few more solo inserts would have added quality to the work.


1. Uaset (11:08)
2. Raju (06:24)
3. Cilene (10:37)
4. Ennui (08:25)
5. Lo que hoy es evidente (11:19)
6. Una vez fue imaginario (07:07)


Juan Pablo Lucco Borlera / Bass 
Mauricio Condon / Guitar
José Landín / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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