[Review] Metronhomme – Tutto il Tempo Del Mondo- 1.Òikos

The Italian Progressive Rock band Metronhomme, which we have talked about several times in the pages of our Webzine, is proving to be one of the most lively contemporary musical realities. With 2 Full-Lenghts to his credit, the last of which was “4” appreciated and reviewed by us, and an EP “Tutto il Tempo Del Mondo- 1.Òikos” released on September 19, 2020 which confirms the good things heard previously. A work composed and carried out in a very difficult period for the whole world, during the first pandemic wave of Covid-19, which however did not stop the band’s desire to express itself. 7 tracks between 2:11 and 5:36 minutes in duration, recorded with all the difficulties due to social distancing and quarantine in force at the beginning of the year in Italy. This EP was therefore self-produced by Metronhomme and features very intense songs that show how the desire to make good music clears the distance and gives us the strength to overcome such difficult and dramatic moments. The opener “Quarantine” is characterized by melancholy melodies and a hypnotic drum skilfully used together with percussion, however, giving plenty of space as always to the keyboards. A song that immediately plunges us into what will be the atmosphere of the album, different from the previous ones and with a greater use of “modern” and digital instruments. “Come la Neve” begins with dark melodies on the piano and an atmospheric carpet made of effects and a bass with deep and penetrating lines. The rhythm session is slow and shows a skillful use of the drum with sounds created by all sorts of objects, always in analog, while the vocal with intense and deep text enters. The piece develops pleasantly and is full of pathos and a touching emotional charge, showing the technique of the musicians, whom we remember they recorded at a distance. “…di una Moneta che Cade” as the title suggests, the main melody simulates the sound of a falling coin, reproduced with intricate and highly sought-after keyboard sounds. Very complex and elaborate, it shows a more experimental side of the band’s sound, highlighting the versatility of the artists. In the second part, however, the theme develops in a more linear way with a structure much closer to the classic Prog. With a hypnotic bass line, a powerful drum and keyboard layers, which in the end return to the melodies of the intro and then close. “Supermarket” begins with a female voice in Italian, and then builds on complex layers of piano and keyboards, repeated bass lines and the drum skillfully inserted with precision. With some funny vocal samples in the background the song flows pleasantly. A dreamy piano arpeggio and “Arkè” kicks off, with the intensity that increases with the passage of the piece and with the entry of the instruments. The bass is always deep and load-bearing, centered on the keyboard layers and again with vocal samples in the finale on a carpet with atmospheric sounds. “Il Rumore del Mare” is a track in the form of a song with a pleasant singing, a solid rhythmic session, decisive and load-bearing. The melodies are centered on the keyboards, the synth in particular with a modern and fresh sound with a well executed and modulated drum. Closes the EP “La Città di K.” with oriental flavors and a mystical atmosphere, with acoustic guitar and a deep bass line that dialogue perfectly. The rhythm session is very percussive, while the keyboards and winds add quality to the composition. A good conclusion for this good record. A well-made EP, if we also think of the fact that it was composed and performed in a period in which personal contacts were impossible due to Covid-19. The band’s desire to make music has won and the result is of good quality despite all the difficulties of the case, with good creative and original ideas. Different from the previous albums recorded in the studio with all the instrumentation complete, worthily replaced by digital instruments such as the drum made by any sort of object find at home, played and modulated with precision, which gives a particular touch to the work. A recommended listening and particular ideas well developed by Metronhomme, who are increasingly establishing themselves in the modern Prog panorama with technique and quality.


1. Quarantine (2:41)
2. Come la Neve (2:44)
3. Di una Moneta che Cade (4:26)
4. Supermarket (2:11)
5. Arkè (3:51)
6. Il Rumore del Mare (3:01)
7. La Città di K. (5:36)


Mirko Galli / Bass, Synth Pedal
Tommaso Lambertucci / Piano, Synth, Vocals
Andrea Lazzaro Ghezzi / Percussion
Marco Poloni / Piano, Maschine, Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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