[Review] Ibliss – (​(​(​Unholy​)​)​) EP

Ibliss is a band originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that offers Doom / Stoner with demonic themes. Their new EP titled “(((Unholy)))” released on February 22, 2022 and features 2 long tracks for over 14 minutes of music. The opner is the title track “Unholy” with the presence of MKD LOD on vocals as a guest, it starts with a spoken vocal which then leaves room for dark guitar riffs. The demonic traits of their sound manifest themselves immediately, immersing us in a restless atmosphere that then develops into a powerful track that unites Doom and Stoner. The guitar is granite and the rhythm session massive, with driving bass lines, a real concentrate of power. In the finale, with a change that slows down the rhythm, the spoken inquitenate vocal returns and the guitar offers a cutting solo and then closes with dizzying acceleration. The second track “Flower Of Evil” was proposed as a single that anticipated the release of the EP, starting with an oriental cantato that ends with a horrifying laugh. The bass creates a hypnotic and deep line, with the guitar it inserts with slow and very dark riffs, while the drumming is a monolith that adds power and marks the tempo of the track well. The guitar is the protagonist of an extension solo in the second part, an energetic track that best mixes the Doome Stoner sounds with the personal touch of the band. Those who know this band know that they are a concentrate of energy and granite riffs, with that dark and demonic personal touch that distinguishes them. Two tracks that confirm how skilled this band is in creating tracks with a strong impact, with well-executed passages and evocative guitar solo traits.


1. Unholy (feat. MKD LOD) (06:19)
2. Flower ov Evil (08:12)

Fo / Bass, Vocals
Faiz / Drums
Wan / Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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