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Masche is an Italian collective that offers a genre of Experimental and Jazz music with references to Electronic music. Long-lasting tracks and complex plots are the main ingredients of their sound, full of ideas and creative insights. The new album “Oxia Chaos” was released on February 4, 2022 via ADN Records / Cruel Nature Records and contains 4 long-running tracks. the lineup of this new album consists of 4 elements creating complex and articulated sounds with long intricate instrumental sections. Each of the artists involved brings their own creative and executive contribution to the band’s sound, offering technical insights and high-level virtuosity. the album is complicated and at first listening it can be difficult, but after a more careful listening it reveals all its beauty and the technique of the artists involved comes out. We are in a territory that ranges from Free Jazz to Experimentation, passing through all genres of Prog and Improvisation. Even the electronic inserts give a modern touch to the sound, which is true is complicated and intricate but of fine workmanship. The vocals are also dynamic and adapt well to the proposed music, offering original experiments. A listening recommended for lovers of the more complex sounds of Jazz and improvisation, with a good dose of Experimental and avant-garde music. The proposed sound is original and fresh and enhances the individual technique of the artists involved.


01. The Watchers (11:32)
02. The Fire Baloons (13:14)
03. There Will Come Soft Rains (20:06)
04. Night Meeting (10:12)


Valerio Zucca Paul / Electronics
Andrea Chiuni / Bass, Voice
Diego Rosso / Drums
Alessandro Cartolari / Baritone Sax

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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