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Claudio Milano and his mammoth project Incidenti have given life to one of the most elaborate and complex albums of Italian music. “Lo Schianto” was released on September 11, 2021 and contains 15 tracks of various lengths with a style that is difficult to define with a single genre, passing from Experimental to Prog, passing through Ethno to Chamber Music to Classical and RIO. This project, as imaginable, also required a very considerable amount of artists, giving life to a huge lineup. The album is signed by Claudio with the names NichelOdeon / InSonar & Relatives, each of which offers a mixture of different genres and styles attributable to sound and musical experimentation. The themes of the album are linked to the collapse of Western civilization with all its contradictions, a very strong criticism of the modern system that surrounds us. We move from the first two pieces with elaborate vocal phrasing that stratify and explore intricate harmonies supported by music with a marked presence of the violin and Experimental sounds. We arrive dunaue to a more RIO section with the presence of refined phrasing and a rhythmic session full of tempo changes. The next one mixes the sounds of the first two songs with those of Ethno and RIO, creating something unique, on which a dark narrative voice is inserted. In the following two songs the vocal experiments dominate the scene, supported by a less Rock but highly sought after music that mixes Classical and Avant-garde. The album is a succession of different genres and both vocal and instrumental experiments, with the use of a large amount of different instruments. The tracks each offer a personal character differentiating them from each other, managing to create a common thread that binds them to each other. The theme of the texts and narratives is also highly sought after, going hand in hand with the Experimentations of music. The intensity of the disc is always very high, the sounds and the vocals are treated in detail both in the compositional and in the execution phase. An album certainly not easy to approach, which deserves careful and repeated listening to grasp all the nuances and the true essence of the content. Lovers of Avant-garde and Experimental music will certainly be positively impressed by the large amount of ideas contained within this good work. Although it is not an easy listening, I am convinced that due to the good quality many listeners like I did will listen to this album several times, still finding it enjoyable. As the first chapter, we are curious to hear the next part in the future which I am convinced will keep the technique and quality expressed here unchanged, congratulations to Claudio for this valuable journey within his sounds.


1. Not Me – Non Esistono (Senza Valore #1) 03:31
2. NichelOdeon – How Hard Tune! La canzone dei soli (Senza Valore #2) 02:38
3. This Order – Variations on The Jargon King (Senza Valore #3) 05:22
4. NichelOdeon – Il Barbiere degli Occhi (Senza Valore #4) 07:36
5. Not Me – Con Dedica (Senza Valore #5) 02:55
6. Not Me – Senza Ritorno (Senza Valore #6) 03:22
7. NichelOdeon – La Scatola (Senza Valore #7) 06:49
8. NichelOdeon – L’ultima Sigaretta – Fantasmi ad Argun (Senza Valore #8) 05:22
9. NichelOdeon – Idiota – Autoritratto (Tadzio’s Death – Senza Valore #9) 02:42
10. This Order & Coucou Sèlavy – Ho Gettato mio Figlio da una Rupe perché non Somigliava a Fabrizio Corona (Senza Valore #10) 12:11
11. Not Me – Sabbia Scura (Senza Valore #11) 04:11
12. Not Me – Del Mondo gli Occhi – New Moses (Senza Valore #12) 01:03
13. InSonar – Nyama – Gettarsi Oltre (Senza Valore #13) 10:10
14. NichelOdeon – La Montagna e il Trono (Senza Valore #14) 05:17
15. Not Me – Out Let – Viae di (s)PHjga (Senza Valore #15) 03:36


Claudio Milano: all vocal sounds (tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16), vocal noises and reciter introductions (tracks 11, 12), screaming (tracks 12); backing vocals and vocal effects (track 8), diamonica and piano (track 9), percussion (tracks 4, 16), synth (6, 13), field recordings (tracks 4, 9, 15), electronics (13, 14, 15, 17);

Paolo Siconolfi: editing, mixing, mastering, sound designer (tracks 1 to 17), electronics (tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 15), field recordings (4, 11);

Erica Scherl: violin (tracks 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16);

Evaristo Casonato: oboe (tracks 2, 4, 7, 8, 15, 16), flutes (tracks 4, 7, 8, 16), contralto sax (tracks 7, 16); English horn (track 16).

Paolo Tofani Krsna Prema: IPad (tracks 3, 16);

Vincenzo Zitello: Theremin Moog (track 4);

Laura Catrani: soprano (tracks 1, 14);

Coucou Sèlavy: one thousand voices/theatre (tracks 11, 12);

Dalila Kayros: extended vocals (track 15 from 06.07.089 to 09.01.140), field recordings (track 14);

Cinzia La Fauci: ghosts’ voices (track 8 from 00.43.081 to 01.25.495);
Stefano Luigi Mangia: extended vocals (track 15 from 06.09.782 to 07.12.642);

Massimo Silverio: lead vocals (track 8), cello (tracks 8, 9), electric guitar (track 9);

Paola Tagliaferro: all mothers’ voices (track 8 from 0.11.371 to 0.32.362 and from 03.03.293 to 03.25.955), zither (tracks 8, 14);

Paola Tozzi: vocals (track 17);

Vittorio Nistri: synth, electronics (track 15, 17), classical guitar (track 15), pre-edit (track 15);

Stefano Giannotti: synths (tracks 5, 9), electric piano (track 9), prepared piano (track 7), drums and percussion (track 9), harmonium (track 9);

Gianni Lenoci: prepared piano (track 5);

Camillo Pace: double bass (tracks 13, 15);

Francesca Badalini: grand piano (tracks 4, 16), prepared piano (track 4);

Andrea Grumelli: frethless bass, bass guitars (tracks 2, 4, 15);

Andrea Quattrini: drums, percussion, electronics (tracks 4, 7);

Stefano Ferrian: electric guitar (tracks 3, 15);

Raoul Moretti: electrified harp (track 15);

Andrea Murada: self built percussion, percussion from all over the world (track 16).

Fabio Amurri: piano (track 7).

Pierpaolo Spirangle Caputo: electrified self-built ghironda (4-16);

Mimmo Frioli: drums, percussion, pre-edit, recording (tracks 3, 10, 11, 12);

Giovanni D’ Elia: bass guitar (tracks 3, 10, 11, 12);

Danilo Camassa: classical and electric guitar (tracks 10, 11, 12);

Mauro Corvaglia: electric self built guitar (track 3);

Domenico Liuzzi: tenor sax (tracks 3, 15), bassoon (tracks 15, 16);

Max Pieretti: synth – closing section (track 7);

Fulvio Manganini: stick (track 7);

Alessandro Palma: drums (track 16);

Ulisse Tonon: accordions (tracks 7, 14), electrified accordion (track 14), prepared piano (track 14);

Sisto Palombella: accordion (track 1);

Claudio Pirro: electric and acoustic guitars (track 2);

Marco Lucchi: Mellotron (track 8);

Luca Olivieri: glockenspiel (tracks 4, 15);

Lorenzo Sempio: guitars, guitar synth, noises & effects (tracks 1, 8);

Jody Bortoluzzi: synth, suggestions (track 8);

Ivano Nardi: drums, percussion (track 15);

Franco Poggiali: synth (track 17);

Daniele Onori: electric and acoustic guitars (track 17)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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