[Review] Izz – Don’t Panic

The American Prog band led by the Galgano brothers Izz, formed in 1996 in New York, has released 9 albums. “Don’t Panic” released on May 24, 2019 via Doone Records, contains 5 tracks and is available on CD. The symphonic sounds of the band are well developed in the long tracks that make up the disc, which contains among others a suite of over 18 minutes. The opener “Don’t Panic” is the track that gives the album its title, which begins with solid guitar and keyboard riffs. The rhythmic session with a clear Neo Prog style, with continuous tempo changes and a melodic voice. The structure of the piece is well elaborated, and offers a good summary of the characteristic sounds of the band, with a touch that is sometimes jazzy and mainly symphonic, it’s a good opening. “42” is a suite of more than 18 minutes, a track that begins with a tight rhythm, focused on the guitar and choral keyboards, with excellent organ inserts. Continuous tempo changes alternate heavier moments with symphonic openings, with positive and darker melodies that alternate too. In accelerated moments the song becomes more intricate, with the keyboards starring in the melodies, solid bass lines, a scratchy guitar and drum is linear and in others more elaborate. Despite the length of the piece, there are no empty or scattered spaces and the male and female vocal offers convincing proof, with the classic Izz style, melodic and harmonious. In the central part a moment with acoustic guitars, to then increase the intensity, vocals return, interchanging and creating beautiful atmospheres. In the following instrumental section a good organ solo with the guitar being inserted, an absolutely high level track where the whole band expresses its qualities. “Six String Theory” is a short 2-minute passage of just arpeggiated, melodic and pleasant guitar, a valid sweet interlude. A piano and melancholic orchestrations open “Moment Of Inertia” which with a quick change turns into a dark and harder song. The guitar takes the stage with rocky riffs and a well-built solo, the atmospheres are darker than the previous ones. The guitar is the protagonist, always supported by the organ, in the second part the synth draws an excellent solo and guide the sound. The last track “Age Of Stars” begins with softer melodies and solid bass lines, also an aggressive vocal enters, then the track evolves into a Progressive sound full of tempo changes. The vocal also changes, well supported by the musical part, in the instrumental section a solo between electric and acoustic guitar that interchange, to then leave room for the synth. The vocal returns and the song closes. A good album, well structured and elaborated with original melodies, confirming the good things heard in the previous ones. It’s not their best album, but still a good, pleasant job with all the features that a listener expects from the band. It is recommended to modern Prog lovers, especially symphonic ones, with keyboards and guitar that duet precisely. A solid rhythmic session with tempo changes to enhance the sound and a male and female vocal that interchanges, offering a good test. Concluding, this album it’s fluent and contains good ideas, respecting expectations with moments with high quality, a group that has now become a security in the Neo Prog scene.


1. Don’t Panic (4:25)
2. 42 (18:41)
3. Six String Theory (2:07)
4. Moment Of Inertia (9:46)
5. Age Of Stars (9:00)


Anmarie Byrnes / Vocals
Laura Meade / Vocals
Paul Bremner / Electric & Ecoustic Guitars
Tom Galgano / Keyboards, Vocals, Production & Mixing
John Galgano / Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Keyboards, Vocals
Brian Coralian / Acoustic & E-Drums
Greg DiMiceli / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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