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Kimmo Pörsti is a drummer and prominent member of the well known project The Samurai Of Prog as well as of Mist Season and Paidarion, in addition he recently released a couple of albums with his band mate Marco Bernard. After 23 years from his solo debut on April 24, 2020 he publishes his second album “Wayfarer,” for the label Seacrest Oy, available only in CD version. Containing 13 tracks of medium length for over 70 minutes of music, as is now customary for the Samurai family, the number of guests is considerable. In fact, there are many names that appear in this production, leading artists of the world music scene in the Prog field. The first thing that stands out is the large number of projects and albums in which Kimmo has participated in recent times, synonymous with a great desire to do and above all an inexhaustible source of inspiration for good ideas. This album is the confirmation of this, a very well developed journey in the territories of the Symphonic Progressive, between refined sounds with elaborate passages and tempo changes. Right from the start, the characteristic sound to which this group of artists has accustomed us over the years comes out, a real trademark. The excellent phrasing between all the artists involved and their instruments is undoubtedly an additional weapon, as well as the first-level technical mastery both in the composition and in the execution phase. Instrumental and vocal parts divide the space with precision, with the music that is a winning mix between multiple genres and styles, becoming usable by a much wider audience than just Progressive listeners. Folk contaminations, acoustic inserts and others more energetic and Heavy mix with symphonic openings and passages with pompous melodies. The vocal fits perfectly on the music adapting to the various situations that the disc presents, in its different languages and forms. An album that from the very first listen captivates for its softness and delicacy of the melodies, a perfect example of Symphonic Prog. All the musicians demonstrate that they are at the service of music and the success of the sound, without exceeding in virtuosity but creating a sound set full of pathos and emotion. Each of the artists involved gives his contribution in creating that elaborate and at the same time flowing sound ensemble that characterizes this work. Accessible but refined, with attention to the smallest details, with elaborate and technically complex passages and ideas that can be appreciated even by not particularly trained ears. Thanks to Kimmo and all the artists who participated in this project who manage to keep the listener’s attention and the quality of the compositions always and constantly at an high level. An artist who over the years has established himself as one of the main exponents of the modern Progressive, with merit and putting into practice his great artistic skills, showing both as a soloist and in group projects an artistic maturity and an original and quality sound imprinting.


01. Arrival3:00
02. Heaven’s Gate 6:15
03. Creer, Crecer 4:55
04.Connection Lost5:29
05.Morning Mist4:42
08.Cruz del Sur10:19
09.Witch Watch6:51
10.This Day Is Yours5:51
11.Heavy Winter3:29
12.Icy Storm5:28


Kimmo Pörsti / Producer, Drums & Percussion (all except 7), Keyboards (1,4,5,7,10,12,13), Bass (4,5,12,13), Guitars (5,13)

Marek Arnold / Soprano Saxophone (9,10), Keyboards (10)
Dave Bainbridge / Guitars (2,6), Keyboards (6)
Marco Bernard / Bass (2,3,8,10)
Carmine Capasso / Guitars (5)
Jenny Darren / Vocals (5,7,12)
Rodrigo Godoy / Vocals & Guitars (3), Vocals & Percussion (8)
Hitomi Iriyama / Violin (2,12)
Olli Jaakkola / Flute (2,7,13)
Steve Mauk / Keyboards (10)
Kev Moore / Vocals (10)
Jose Manuel Medina / Keyboards, Orchestration (2)
Rafael Pacha / Guitars (4,5,7,10), Whistles, Recorders
Otso Pakarinen / Keyboards (1,10)
Hanna Pörsti / Flute (5,12)
J-P Rantanen / Keyboards (11)
Kari Riihimäki / Guitars (1,12)
Jari Riitala / Guitars (1,6,9), Keyboards & Bass (6,9)
Jaime Rosas / Keyboards (3,8)
Jan-Olof Strandberg / Bass (7,11)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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