[Review] King Buffalo – Acheron

King Buffalo is a Psychedelic trio in the classic format, whose expansive and thunderous music is a powerful concoction of Heavy Psych, Blues, and Stoner Rock. After an album we had the pleasure of reviewing released in June, the band offers a second release “Acheron” on December 3, 2021 via Stickman Records. Composed of 4 long tracks, it shows how the band has many ideas and qualities, making it one of the most prolific in the scene. The album opens with the title track “Acheron” which begins with the sounds of flowing water on which a guitar arpeggio and a hypnotic rhythmic session are inserted. The atmospheres are lysergic and the vocal helps to accompany us in their sonorous world, soft and enveloping in this section. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, arriving at the distorted and harder sounds that characterize some traits of their sound. A good opener that has its strengths in the tempo changes and in the modulation of sounds, offering in the long instrumental sections many ideas to travel with the mind. “Zephyr” begins again with the sound of water, but this time with a more rhythmic drum, while shortly after the bass and guitar enter. The melodies are hypnotic and the bass creates deep and bearing lines, while the vocal accompanies us in this second journey with its delicate touch. The sung parts are softer in sound too, with distortions and effects coming into play with the beginning of the instrumental parts. The track in the second part becomes more Heavy, mixing well with Desert Rock and the guitar weaves are very well constructed. Another successful piece. The journey continues with “Shadows” which was also proposed as a single and video by the band, featuring hypnotic bass and drum sounds. The video is very impressive and is a live recording of the track, which pleasantly takes our journey further and further away. I let myself be carried away by the sounds of the band that here offer scratchy guitar inserts and a darker vocal, always very skilled in managing effects and insertions. In the central part, a good interplay between synth and guitar leads us to a long instrumental section with engaging solos. With a crescendo ending between guitar distortions and harder rhythms, the track closes. Closes the album “Cerberus” which after an intro with calmer waters and a prolonged sound from the effects begins with a mixture of more intricate sounds and a dark atmosphere. With the beginning of the main theme the bass gets deep making us vibrate, the guitar creates those acidified and hypnotic sounds characteristic of their sound. The vocal is again darker, and then in the middle of the song they unleash all their power both in the riffs and in the rhythmic session while remaining slow and pachydermic. An excellent conclusion with a sonorous crescendo and solos, which close the album leaving us trapped in their world with great pleasure. Another good release for this band that is confirmed to be one of the best realities of Psychedelica and Stoner / Desert music of the moment. Long pieces as usual, a meticulous use of effects and a vocal that best suits the music are the strengths. The length of the pieces allows them to develop their ideas by alternating sung parts with long instrumentals that hypnotize us and guide us on a pleasant journey. A listening recommended to all lovers of modern Psychedelic sounds, a band to follow now and in the future, it will be interesting to be able to listen to them live.


01. Acheron (10:21)
02. Zephyr (09:25)
03. Shadows (10:34)
04. Cerberus (09:46)


Sean McVay / Guitar, Vocals, & Synth
Dan Reynolds / Bass & Synth
Scott Donaldson / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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