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Korb is the project of the English duo Alec Wood and Jonathan Parkes that proposes a sound between the ’70s German Cosmic music and Space Rock. Originally released in 2018 by Dreamlord Recordings and reissued by Peruvian Necio Records for the first time on vinyl and available January 15, 2021. Containing 8 entirely instrumental tracks of medium duration, in which the two musicians try their hand at several instruments proving their skills as multi-instrumentalists. A peculiarity is the choice of vintage and completely analogue instrumentation, giving a retro touch to the sound, which is very reminiscent of the German Cosmic Music from the 70s. An intergalactic journey into the most distant and profound space, outlining Sci-Fi scenarios and transporting the listener further and further into the cosmos. Solid rhythmic sessions on which the melodies created by the keyboards are outlined, the synth above all, the true protagonist of the album and their sound in general. Repeated and layered hypnotic sounds, creating a sonic mix that feels like the meeting between bands like Amon Duul and Tangerine Dream with Hawkwind. The guitar is added and intertwined with the keyboards playing a key role in the success of the songs. A very intense album that for its entire duration catapults us into another dimension, light years away, while remaining seated in our usual listening position. An advantage to be able to transport the listener and make him travel with the mind through the sound flow generated by this duo who seems to have very clear ideas, so much so as to propose a mature album full of positive ideas. In a genre where sound experimentation has always been sought, especially with keyboard sounds, just think of the innovator Klaus Schulze, master of Cosmic music as well as keyboards, Korb instead work on a return to origins. The instrumentation and the vintage sounds proposed by the English duo, give life to a winning product, where the return to the past is in a certain sense a bit innovative, leaving aside the obsessive search for the ‘new’ and dedicating themselves to a good traditional. Well composed and executed, this album rewards the talents of the two artists, acting as a springboard in their career that will see them consecrate themselves with their second album, confirming the good things heard here. Another excellent reissue proposed by the Peruvian label Necio Records, always careful in proposing high-level artists and albums, which over time has become a certainty in the sector. This debut album by Korb is a recommended listen to all lovers of retro Space and Krautrock sounds, with marked 70s influences and vintage instrumentation. A good product that flows pleasantly for the entire duration of the octtraces, taking us for a walk through the cosmos and the most popular galaxies with refined sounds.


01.Voyager (6:07)
02.Power Structure (4:58)
03.Shapeshifter (6:23)
04.Earth Ritual (4:28)
05.Teleforce (5:45)
06.Megalith (4:18)
07.Setjen to Condor (5:05)
08.Korbs First Android (5:24)


Alec Wood / Various instruments
Jonathan Parkes / Various instruments

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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