[Review] Majesty Of Revival – Guardians (Single)

Majesty Of Revival is a Ukrainian Progressive Metal band, formed in 2009 in Uzhhorod. They have published 4 Full-Length and 2 EP, while this review is about their latest Single Album “Guardians,” self-produced and released on February 7th, 2020. Containing 3 unreleased medium-length tracks, the last of which is a Radio Edit version, continuing the musical discourse of their previous productions. The first track “Вартові” it starts with a soft piano arpeggio and sweet orchestrations in the background, before giving life to a powerful Prog Metal track, with rocky electric guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session. The vocal alternates more melodic moments with other more aggressive ones, adapting best to the various changes that the track offers. Rich in tempo changes, this piece alternates more symphonic sections with more Heavy accelerations, always with quality and good technique, with a pleasant acoustic guitar solo in the central part. In the second part, with the return to the initial theme and the last sung stanzas, the intensity increases and closes with a crescendo. The title-track “Guardians” is the same of the previous song, but this time sung in English, while the first song was sung in their mother tongue. Excellent proof here too, with a clean and precise English. Closing this single “Void [Radio Edit]” a less aggressive and very elaborate song, sung in English, full of tempo changes and an intricate rhythmic session. The guitar guides the sound, drawing a good solo in the central part, with supporting layers of keyboards, less present however than the previous track. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, with the band expressing their great potential. A short but pleasant record release, with both versions both in the original language and in English well interpreted by the singer. The musical part confirms how good these Prog Metal veterans have made us listen over the years. Waiting for the next album, this is definitely a track that will be appreciated by all lovers of the Heavy sounds of Prog music.


  1. Вартові (04:54)
  2. Guardians (04:54)
  3. Void [Radio Edit] (03:58)


Dimi Rich / Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Vasil / Drums
Mad Doctor / Guitars, Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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