[Review] Monstereo – In The Hollow Of A Wave

Monstereo is a band formed in Bergen in Norway with a strongly influenced sound from the 70s, mixing Rock, Psychedelia with hints of Space Rock. They have released 3 albums, the latest of which “In The Hollow Of A Wave” released on September 17, 2021 via Karisma Records and containing 8 tracks. The album opens with “Third Eye Seeing” which opens with a solid groove and melodies typical of Rock, with a vocal that also alternates choral moments recalling the 70s. The guitar is in the foreground, also offering a good solo in the instrumental section in the center of the song, an engaging and rhythmic opening. “A Sudden Rush” is characterized by scratchy guitar riffs and an elaborate rhythmic session, the vocal fits precisely into the various passages of the song. “Wings I – Everlasting Darkness” is the first of three parts, and starts with a solid groove and interesting guitar riffs. The vocal is warm and expressive, and the track well developed with engaging sound interlacing, good tempo changes and a good instrumental section in the second part. From the darkest atmospheres “Jigsaw” shows another facet of their sound, with the intensity that increases with the passage of the song. The sometimes effected vowel is well suited to the sounds proposed here, where in the instrumental section there is space for a valuable wind solo. A good song, and one of the best moments of the album, enriched by continuous tempo changes. “Witness” features hard guitar riffs and a structure that alternates more powerful moments with others softer with the vocals that also alternate choral parts. A more acidic and psychedelic section of the album, I liked and well developed. “Wings II – Beyond Horizons” is the second part of Wings, the shorter one, a passage that softens the tones between heavier, pleasant songs. The third part “Wings III – Icarus” is also the longest track on the album, and offers an intertwining of guitar and keyboard that immediately brings us back to the Heavy tracks of the 70s. The development is interesting, full of tempo changes and different sections that mix nicely, taking us back in time to the golden age of Rock. The album closes with “Golden” which is characterized by a greater presence of the keyboards, with retro and modern sounds that mix to create a particular track. A good album, which brings us back to the Rock sounds of the 70s with Psychedelia inserts, a greater presence of the keyboards than the previous ones and good instrumental parts. The subdivision between vocals and instrumental parts leaves great room for expression, showing the artists’ good personal technique. A listener recommended for lovers of retro Rock sounds of a more classic style, where there is no shortage of solid rhythmic sessions and massive guitar riffs, as well as good level solo inserts.


1. Third Eye Seeing (04:05)
2. A Sudden Rush (02:59)
3. Wings I – Everlasting Darkness (08:15)
4. Jigsaw (07:07)
5. Witness (06:05)
6. Wings II – Beyond Horizons (01:59)
7. Wings III – Icarus (08:36)
8. Golden (05:37)


Ola Utaaker Segadal / Lead Vocals and Electric Guitars
Øyvind Aase Fluge / Electric Guitars
Jørgen Stangeland Bach / Bass
Jon Bolstad / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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