[Review] MRW – Zakonnice

MRW is a project of the Polish composer and guitarist Marcin Waszczak that offers Post-Prog sounds with forays into experimentation and soundscapes. With the participation of other artists in his albums, he offers always highly sought-after and exploratory sounds as in this new album “Zakonnice” released on June 07, 2022. Containing 6 long-lasting tracks, in which he explores the different musical genres that make up the Prog and its subgenres. With extensive use of affects and soundscapes, particular and unconventional sounds on a structure that is always very elaborate and at times intricate. Long instrumental textures with very technical bass lines that bind to a solid and elaborate drumming giving life to a rhythmic session in continuous evolution and full of tempo changes. The guitar offers both melodies and solo inserts that enhance Marcin’s technique, with virtuous passages and the ability to place them in an original experimentation context. The result is an album that needs more plays to better grasp all the nuances and ideas contained within it, capturing our attention at every listen. I read in the artist’s Bandcamp that it was recorded 100% live, giving a particular touch to the sound with modulations and effects used live. Another good work in the discography of this project, which is prolific having released several albums in recent years, also exploring different sounds and genres. A listening recommended for lovers of the more experimental sounds of Prog, but still accessible. The mixture between Prog and above all Post-Rock is successful, as well as the final result of the recording performed totally live. It will be interesting to be able to listen to these sounds live, both for the technique expressed in the instruments and in the modulations and effects.


1. Dzięcioł 05:40
2. Zaczerpnąć dłonią 09:04
3. Zabiło Lotnika Niemego Bo Pan Bóg Czyścił Niebo 07:22
4. Królik w Twoim Kapeluszu 09:42
5. Niedziela 10:09
6. Zdejmij But i Znajdź 12:25


Marcin Waszczak / Guitar, Mix, Mastering, Layout, Pickles, Orangutans and Friends of Eryk Getting
Łukasz Kasprzyk / Bass, Prayers and Laments, Some texts about yellow pickutor dziuback
Wacław Słowikowski / Drums, Buttons, Warm Socks

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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