[Review] Nathan – Uomini Di Sabbia

Nathan is an RPI band from Savona, Liguria active since 1997 first as a cover band and later offering original songs. They have released 3 albums, the last of which “Uomini Di Sabbia” was released on February 25, 2022 and is available on CD and Digital via AMS Records. It contains 8 medium-long duration tracks, including a final 15-minute suite and some guests also collaborate on the album. The opening track “Fatti Non Foste” begins with a solid rhythmic session and massive riffs intertwined with the keyboards. The vocal is of the 70s style, dynamic and with refined lyrics, while the sound is enriched by elaborate textures and tempo changes. Good mixes between guitar and keyboard, which offer quality inserts and dialogue creating complex textures, with an instrumental section in the second part of fine workmanship. The second “Monoliti” presents softer sounds in the initial part with good guitar and keyboard intertwining and a warm and expressive vocal. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes and in the central instrumental section the guitar and keyboard offer good solo cues. An intense track with darker atmospheres than the previous one, always tracing the quality Prog sounds. The organ is intertwined with the electric guitar and “Delirio Onirico” begins a tighter track, with a rhythmic session in constant change. A mixture of harder and softer sounds, with tempo changes and solo inserts that enhance both the compositional and executive techniques of the artists involved. In the instrumental section excellent keyboard works, which take the stage alternating synht and organ followed by guitar. The shortest track of the album “Il Pianto del Cielo,” after a softer first part, develops complex textures with excellent keyboard weaves and refined melodies. The vocal is warm and expressive and alternates solo parts with other choirs and the piece flows pleasantly. “Madre dei Sortilegi” begins with a bass intro and then goes live with excellent organ textures and an energetic and solid rhythm session. The bass lines are driving and the tempo changes enhance the Progressive character of the band, which offers the pure Italian sounds of the genre. In the instrumental parts the band enhances the individual technique of the musicians involved, with very intense choral and soloists passages. A piano with dreamy features opens “Nel Giardino di Maria” to which an incisive bass line is added, a solid drumming and vocals enter dunauqe. As the track grows in intensity as the minutes go by, it gets even more elaborate with the great keyboards in evidence. In the second part it accelerates and leaves room for the artists to express their technique with high-level solos and plots. “L’Acrobata” begins with a dreamy piano and a vocal reminiscent of Museo Rosenbach. With a succession of tempo changes and refined passages, where the keyboards and the guitar dialogue very well, the song develops, which contains many traits of the classic Prog of the 1970s. The album ends with a 15-minute suite “Egos” which begins with a long intro of keyboards and acoustic guitar creating a symphonic sound. The mixture of several genres and styles is successful and the entire duration of the track is exploited to the fullest, offering a suite with refined and sometimes complex sounds. All the artists involved give their positive contribution to the piece, which is very pleasant, with all the ingredients that a player expects in the right place. This band confirms the good heard in previous works, offering a pleasant listening from start to finish. An RPI record that features intense tracks full of tempo changes and refined textures with instrumental and vocal parts that alternate with the right space. A listening recommended for all lovers of Progressive Rock sounds, this band manages to bring the pleasant atmosphere of the early ’70s to the present day.


01. Fatti Non Foste (4:41)
02. Monoliti (7:05)
03. Delirio Onirico (7:55)
04. Il Pianto del Cielo (3:56)
05. Madre dei Sortilegi (9:19)
06. Nel Giardino di Maria (6:28)
07. L’acrobata (5:32)
08. Egos (14:54)


Piergiorgio Abba / Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Bruno Lugaro / Vocals
Giulio Smeraglivolo / Guitars
Luca Grosso / Drums (1, 2, 4-8)
Fabio Sanfilippo / Drums (3)
Fabio Zunino / Bass (1, 5, 6, 7)
Dino Cerruti / Bass (2, 4, 8)
Mauro Brunzu / Bass (3)
Monica Giovannini / Choirs, Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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