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OHO is a band from the United States that was formed in 1970 and has come down to the present day with several lineup changes. The new album “Ahora!” was released on July 04, 2022 and contains three long tracks that n make up the parts of a long suite. A dreamy guitar arpeggio and narrative voice open the first section of the album “Ahora! Pt. 1” developed between continuous tempo changes and rich keyboard textures. The structure is elaborate and the vocals warm and expressive, a mixture of classical and modern Symphonic Prog sounds. In the second part, the violin and percussion add a touch of Folk and Baroque to the sound, thanks to very involving melodies. With the return to the central theme, the track closes in a musical crescendo with the last vocal stanzas. The second section “Ahora! Pt. 2” opens with the sweet melodies of the violin and guitar arpeggios, with the narrator introducing us to the track. A track that alternates symphonic and delicate passages with heavier openings, as in the best tradition of Progressive music. The band’s technique and experience is enhanced by a mature songwriting full of quality ideas, as well as the always very intense execution. The tempo changes are an added value, as are the instrumental sections, with excellent guitar and keyboard mixtures, while the vocal parts are dynamic and expressive. The album and the concept are concluded with “Ahora Pt. 3” characterised by an energetic and engaging sound with fine guitar and violin textures. Keyboards give a pompous touch to the sound, developed with lead guitar inserts that accompany us throughout the first part. The second part of the song features vocals, warm and dynamic, while the sound is always rhythmic and engaging. An album that enhances the technique and experience of this band that has been playing prog sounds at a high level for over 50 years. The rhythm section is solid and enriched by the tempo changes, excellent guitar and keyboard mixtures with the addition of the violin and a dynamic and expressive vocal make this album worthwhile. A recommended listen for lovers of Progressive Rock, with a mature sound that combines classical traits with a modern and markedly personal imprinting.


01. Ahora! Pt. 1 (12:32)
02. Ahora! Pt. 2 (14:09)
03. Ahora! Pt. 3 (9:36)


David Reeve / Drums, Rhythmelodic Deployment, Vocals, Keyboards, Engineering
Ray Jozwiak / Keyboards, Accordion
Jay Graboski / Vocals, Guitars
Bill Pratt / Vocals, Additional Keyboards, Engineering
David Hughes / Bass
Sue Tice / Violin
Ty Ford / Narration

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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