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Origens is the project of Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Alessandro ‘Aru’ Mendonça, created in 2015 and with 3 studio albums under his belt. Last in chronological order “Destino,” released on June 30, 2019 and composed of 9 tracks, available digitally. In addition to ‘Aru’, the album includes 22 other guests, divided into the various tracks, to embellish and complete the sound. Rich in different ideas, it traverses various facets of Progressive music, starting from a Heavy base but touching various styles. After an introductory track, we immediately catapult between massive guitars and solid rhythmic sessions. Psychedelic references, forays into the territory of Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath, softer moments and others with Bluesy inserts permeate the album. This mixture is completed by the vocal that alternates male and female voices and various singing styles. Longer tracks alternate with other short ones, as well as more aggressive moments counterbalance others softer with constant tempo changes and the different musical solutions are exploited to the best. “Muita Calma” is an aggressive song with an interlude that reminds Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, while “Unissona is a busa” has traits of Psychedelic Blues and a penetrating synth. The three tracks that make up “Super Delirio Atemporal” are perhaps the softest on the album, with “Destiny” also similar. The longest “Todo o con colorido” has many time changes and interesting passages, a nice 11 minutes journey. Overall a good album, pleasant, which showcases Aru’s qualities and ideas, both in the compositional and executive phase. A recommended listening for lovers of the heaviest sounds of the Prog, with interesting ideas and many ideas inside.


01. Olares (2:09)
02. Saia de Si para Lá (9:52)
03. Super Delírio Atemporal – Pt.1 (3:28)
04. Muita Calma (8:12)
05. Uníssona é a Busca (6:22)
06. Super Delírio Atemporal – Pt.2 (3:36)
07. Destino (11:03)
08. Todo o Céu Colorido (3:10)
09. Super Delírio Atemporal – Pt.3 (4:15)


Alessandro “Aru” Mendonça / Bass, Vocals (1-3,7,8,9), Acoustic (3,4,6,8,9) & Electric (3) Guitars, Synth (3), Tambourine (8), Composer & Producer

Daniel Queiroz / 10-String Acoustic Guitar (1)
Christophe / Drums (2)
Dinho Zampier / Arpeggiator (2), Hammond (2,7), Moog (5,7), Farfisa (5), Mellotron (5,7), Piano (7)
Raphael Ramos / Electric (2,4) & Slide (4) Guitars
Phillipe Hollanda / Vocals (2)
Rodrigo San / Guitar (2)
Beta Moraes / Vocals (4,7,8)
Fernando Coelho / Drums (4,7)
Leonardo Calheiros / Vocals (4)
Leonardo Luiz / Mellotron (4,9), Piano (9)
Alexandre Araújo / Piano & Organ (5)
Fernando Rizzotto / Drums (5)
João Paulo / Electric (5,7) & Acoustic (5) Guitars, Vocals (5-7)
Rogério Cavalcante / Tmbourine (5,6)
Ailton Gomes / Drums (6,8,9)
Fred Hollanda / Bagpipe (6)
Ney Guedes / Mellotron (6)
Paulo Brito / Electric & Slide Guitars (6)
Ricardo Lopes / Slide Guitar (7)
Túlio Marcus / Electric & Slide Guitars (8)
Arabel Veiga / Vocals (9)
Wagner Sampaio / Lap Steel Guitar (9)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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