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Osyron is a Symphonic Prog Metal band from USA, initially born with the name Morbid Theory and after having released two demos in 2006 and 2010 decided to change its name to the current one. Moving to Alberta, Canada they started an intense activity both live and in the studio that led them to collaborate with important names on the international scene. They have released two Full-lengths and an EP, which we are about to review in this article. “Foundations” is the title of this EP released on July 10, 2021 via SAOL Records. Contains 5 medium-long length tracks for a total of almost 30 minutes of music, a cross between a classic EP and a full-length. The first thing that stands out to the eyes is the beautiful cover artwork, with dark colors but of great impact and the duration of the tracks that allows you to develop complex textures, thus increasing the expectation. Expectations respected since the opening track “The Cross” which after a short pompous intro develops its theme with massive sounds close to Modern Metal. The sound plots are very interesting with rock and heavy guitar riffs, a rhythmic session in constant change and full of tempo changes that increase the level of the piece. The vocal is a mix of choral parts and more melodic traits, with some harder inserts, while the keyboards fit very well communicating with the keyboards. An impactful start that immediately plunges us into the precious atmosphere of this EP. “Ignite” starts off strong with powerful guitar riffs and a solid, very percussive rhythm session, on which an excellent vocal is inserted that alternates spoken and sung. The sounds are very fresh and modern, mixing refined and quality Metal and Prog, the continuous changes of tempo that involve the listener enrich the sound. Intricate plots, individual technique put at the service of the band and symphonic openings that blend with the power of Heavy Metal with an oriental touch in the central part. An apt piece that maintains a high level and attention, showing a remarkable compositional and executive technique, is certainly one of the highlights of this work. A softer intro with acoustic guitar and flute starts “Battle of the Thames,” in which even the vocal adapts to the softness of the sounds. The drums of the drum then enter and the intensity begins to grow, the sounds approach medieval melodies and then in the middle of the song insert a valuable and short insert of electric guitar. The intensity and pathos continue to grow and the song, pompous and well developed, softens the tones in the midst of the Prog Metal outbursts of the other songs. With a somewhat mystical flavor, this is another very well built and certainly successful piece, the credit goes to the band that in the end also gives us a very passionate guitar solo. “The Ones Below” returns to the band’s own territory with a Metal song, but more melodic than the opening ones, showing the great amount of ideas of the band. With a retro touch, but projected into the future, this is the shortest track on the record, and perhaps the least intricate is proof of the versatility of the musicians. The guitar is the protagonist here, while the vocal is lighter, like the sound, but always engaging and impactful. We’ve come up with the title track and final track “Foundations,” which begins with an acoustic guitar arpeggio and a warm, expressive vocal. The melodies in this first phase are dreamy and the intertwining that is created between the guitars soon transform the song with massive riffs, returning to those sounds that characterized the beginning of the work. Here, too, the vocal skills, the tempo changes and the development of the theme, elaborated and rich in tempo changes and high level musical passages, immediately stand out. The chorality and understanding that exists between the musicians makes every single passage a team effort, enhancing the individual in the whole sound that is created. A perfect summary of the sounds proposed by this band, which closes the EP with a song to listen to and listen to again, giving interesting and new ideas every time, very well. This band confirms the good things heard in previous works and shows maturity and excellent ideas at each release, as well as a top-level compositional and executive technique. It is not easy to be able to amaze at every release, but the Osyron succeed in this, having created their own distinctive sound over time, which draws on the sounds of their predecessors, but by adding their own personal touch they make their works interesting and original. A listening recommended for all lovers of Progressive Metal sounds with a modern touch, especially in the choice of sounds. The continuous changes of tempo, the right combination of instruments and the excellent singing performance make this EP much appreciated by us. A breath of fresh air that I am convinced will also be confirmed in the next releases.


01.The Cross 05:01
02.Ignite 04:33
03.Battle of the Thames 06:51
04.The Ones Below 03:54


Bobby HarleyGuitars
Cody AnsteyDrums
Krzysztof StalmachGuitars, Keyboards
Reed AltonLead Vocals, Guitars
Tyler CorbettBass, Guitars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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