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Venus Loon is the moniker of English multi-instrumentalist and singer Peter Lawson, with experience in several bands over the years. The proposed genre is a Progressive Rock with Space and Psychedelic influences. The new album “Apollo Rising” was released on February 25, 2022 and contains 7 medium length tracks. The album opens with the title track “Apollo Rising” which is also the longest on the album. A background of keyboards with electronic and spatial sounds on which the guitar offers good Floydian inserts, to then enter the rhythm session. The track develops between keyboard sounds enriched by effects and guitar solo textures, creating a Space Rock atmosphere that catapulted us into the cosmos thanks to the vocal reminiscent of spaceships. The following “The Eagle has Landed” opens with the acoustic guitar and a background of keyboards enriched by modulations to effects. With the entry of the rhythm session, more Heavy guitar riffs and deep and load-bearing bass lines develop, the sounds are dilated and with cosmic traits. An intertwining of acoustic guitar and keyboard arpeggios open “Luna Footprints,” characterized in the first part by a more dreamy atmosphere. In the middle of the song and with the introduction of drumming we return to the sounds that have characterized the previous Space-style songs with a good duet between guitar and keyboards. “Reentry” has a heavier sound, with distorted guitar riffs and a sound that is always spatial but darker than the previous ones. Enriched by the tempo changes in the central part, it offers a more atmospheric section, and then develops with a guitar solo that guides us to the final. Stratified guitar arpeggios begin with “Splashdown,” featuring this long intro and then insert a short drumming in the middle. A track with very dilated and spatial sounds, which in the final offers again a part with drumming and a guitar and keyboard solo close the piece. A spoken vocal opens “Heroes Return” with guitar and piano duet in the first part on a keyboard background. In the first part the guitar is at the center of the scene, and then in the middle with a change to leave room for the cosmic keyboards. In the finale, an intricate solo electric guitar insert closes the track. The album ends with “Home” characterized by very distorted guitar sounds that are combined with keyboards which are also loaded with effects. After this journey into the cosmos, you return home, greeted by the sound of the bagpipes. A listening with some more interesting and incisive passages, mainly focused on guitar and keyboard textures. The rhythm session in my humble opinion has a little incisive drumming in the sound. A Space Rock album that tries to bring back the classic sounds of the genre to the present day, with some interesting ideas.


01. Apollo Rising (05:47)
02. The Eagle has Landed (04:09)
03. Luna Footprints (03:31)
04. Reentry (04:49)
05. Splashdown (03:11)
06. Heroes Return (05:10)
07. Home (03:50)


Peter Lawson / All Instruments, Vocals

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