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Rosalie Cunningham is a young and eclectic artist, who from a very young age with the Pursons made herself known in the Prog environment. Subsequently she embarked on her solo career, which allowed him to assert himself with her sonorities halfway between retro Psychedelia and Progressive Rock. After an excellent self-titled debut, well received by critics and audiences, she released her new album on February 25, 2021. Entitled “Two Piece Puzzle” it contains 12 tracks that continue and improve the musical discourse undertaken in her debut, definitively consecrating Rosalie in the international panorama. The album opens with “Start with the Corners” begins with an intertwining of organ and guitar of the 70s style, a solid rhythm session enriched by tempo changes. A markedly Progressive beginning, which immediately shows the artist’s technique on all instruments, offering a granite test that immediately makes us travel through time with the mind. The following “Donovan Ellington” is characterized by a good guitar work, a deep and load-bearing bass line, on which the first vocal of the album is inserted. The dynamic singing of the artist is an added value for a refined and refined sound, very engaging halfway between Prog and Psychedelia, with the addition of the touch of the violin. Tempo changes, delicate and touching symphonic parts, Rosalie has a lot of talent and she releases all of her ideas, this piece is a true masterpiece. With more Folk Rock features “Donny, Pt. Two” follows the more traditional sounds, skillfully mixed with a touch a la Beatles and the artist’s personal style with his magical vocal. Rhythmic and full of positive melodies, well composed and performed, it is a pleasant passage that shows another facet of the artist’s sound. “The War” is a short 50 second interlude with layered voices in pure Psychedelic style. An engaging rhythm and intertwining between piano and guitar open “Duet” with an excellent swing, an energetic and engaging track in constant change. Another excellent vocal test by Rosalie, the bass lines are bearing and the melodic intertwining the strong point of the song. A concentrate of late 60s sounds, skilfully brought to the present day with the artist’s personal touch, with references to the Beatles and Psychedelia, with continuous changes and forays into Prog. Another milestone of the album with a refined instrumental section that enhances her technical skills with valuable solos. “Tristitia Amnesia” begins with melodies with oriental flavors, as is customary in Psych records of the late 60s, where percussion melts with more Rock sounds. Rosalie’s vocal stands out as always, fitting in the best context of the track, which at 2 minutes with a change turns into a Rock song. Valuable intertwining of guitar and keyboard, the rhythmic session is elaborate, while the whole sonic ensemble of the piece is highly sought after. In the second part, an instrumental section brings the sound onto a terrain with more Prog cues and a valuable guitar solo guides us to the finale. Granite guitar riffs open “Scared of the Dark” with a killer bass line and a harder sound, where distortions stand out. The drumming is solid and energetic, enriched by continuous tempo changes and the addition of percussion. A blend of 60s sounds, Heavy Rock and the artist’s unmistakable touch, creating a very engaging track. “God Is a Verb” is an interlude with an acoustic guitar of Rosalie’s sweet vocal which softens the tones and delicately accompanies us to the next. A spoken vocal introduces us to “Suck Push Bang Blow” where Rosalie’s dirty and scratchy guitar works stand out, intertwined with a dark organ. The intensity increases with the passage of the piece, characterized by a vocal also with dark features but with a good dynamism creating engaging refrains. Note the final instrumental section with an excellent guitar solo. The acoustic guitar and a soft vocal open “The Liner Notes” a track that recalls the elaborate sounds of Prog of bands like Affinity. A jazzy touch and a deep bass line, with excellent piano textures on which the vocal is drawn, characterize the piece. Instrumental and sung parts alternate creating a complicity that envelops the listener bringing him within a refined and profound sound. Tracks like this are good for music and show an excellent state of form on the part of the artist, who has quality ideas and manages to propose them with ease. An orchestral keyboard backround intertwines with the guitar and “Number 1492” begins a very intense and at times rhythmic passage, which mixes several genres and styles. The vocal interpretation is exquisite, and the piece with its continuous tempo changes involves us in a whirlwind of sounds from the past with Rosalie’s valuable personal touch. The album closes with “Fossil Song” with more modern but always highly sought after rats, with a good background of keyboards and deep and leading bass lines. An intense track where the vocal rehearsal and a guitar solo in the second part stand out, which alternating with the last verses leads us to the end of the disc. An artist who confirms to be one of the leading exponents of today’s Rock scene, this album is proof of that. Quality ideas, a superfine technique both in all instruments and in the vocal, dynamic and suitable for the various styles proposed in the album. The ability to make the sounds of the past current, with his own personal touch is certainly the artist’s trademark, who manages and mixes prog and Psychedelic Rock in the best way. A recommended listening to all lovers of Rock of the late 60s and early 70s, with the distinctive characters that the artist has made known to us over the years, one of the best record releases of recent times, a masterpiece.


01. Start with the Corners (2:45)
02. Donovan Ellington (5:39)
03. Donny, Pt. Two (3:39)
04. The War (0:54)
05. Duet (7:25)
06. Tristitia Amnesia (7:08)
07. Scared of the Dark (3:35)
08. God Is a Verb (1:34)
09. Suck Push Bang Blow (5:09)
10. The Liner Notes (6:34)
11. Number 149 (4:09)
12. Fossil Song (4:43)

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Rosalie Cunningham / Vocals, Instruments

Ric Sanders / Violin

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