[Review] Saturndust – RLC

Saturndust are a Psychedelic Rock / Metal band originally from Sao Paulo in Brazil, formed in 2010. They have 1 EP and 2 Full-lenght to their credit, the latest of which is “RLC” originally published in 2017 and reissued on vinyl by Necio Records January 15, 2020. The album consists of 5 medium-long duration tracks, proposing a sound halfway between Rock and Metal with marked Psychedelic, Doom and Atmospheric influences. The “Negative-Parallel Dimensional” opener is a powerful piece with atmospheric and gloomy sounds, with deep and dark guitar riffs. The rhythmic session is slow and the gloomy and atmospheric guitar melodies permeate the song. “Astral Dominion” that starts with always atmospheric effects and distorted guitars creating psychedelic effects pulled to the extreme. The rhythm is always slow and the penetrating vocal increases the intensity in the end with an accelerated rhythmic session with rolled on which a sharp electric guitar is inserted. “RLC” is the title track and starts with a deep bass, very intricate drum rhythms and an electric guitar that seems to cry, sharp and psychedelic. The effected voices and the synth in the central part make this piece very elaborate and lysergic, pushing the soubnd of Saturndust to the extreme, heavy and psychedelic at the same time. “Time Lapse of Existence” guitars and screaming voices with drums to mark the time, then transforming with deep and dark riffs. The shouted voices fit perfectly with the track, very dark and combining Psychedelia and Doom, with tempo changes more Metal than Rock. The album closes with “Saturn 12.c” the longest track on the disc that begins with a spatial synth and then explodes with distorted guitars and a rocky rhythmic session with deep bass lines. A good journey through space summed up in just over 12 minutes of pure Doom psychedelic digression. A particular album, where the mix between Doom and Psychedelic sounds succeeds well, creating a very atmospheric disc, at times heavy but with slow rhythms. Sporadic accelerations bring the sound to a heavier territory, while maintaining its dark and lysergic characteristics of the entire album. A recommended listening for lovers of the genre, a little difficult at first listenings for those who are not used to certain sounds, but for those who already have an ear prepared for these sounds will certainly be a listening where there are positive ideas.


1. Negative-Parallel Dimensional 09:24
2. Astral Dominion 08:49
3. RLC 05:30
4. Time Lapse of Existence 11:26
5. Saturn 12.c 12:30


Felipe Dalam / Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizer 
Guilherme Cabral / Bass 
Douglas Oliveira / Drums 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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