[Review] Sintesi Del Viaggio Di Es – Gli Alberi Di Stavropol

Sintesi Del Viaggio Di Es is an RPI band that has collected the legacy of Sithonia, of which there are 3 members, which offers a 70s-style sound with poetic and Folk Prog shades. After a good debut in 2017, the new album “Gli Alberi Di Stavropol” was released on January 17, 2022 via Lizard Records and distributed by Ma.Ra.Cash Records. The album is almost a concept that contains 10 tracks including an epic suite of over 14 minutes that concludes the listening. It should be noted that Barbara Rubin (Track 5) and Maria Grazia Ponziani (Track 9) are added to the lineup as guests. The album opens with “Come le Foglie (Parte 1)” is a soft track with dreamy and intense lyrical sounds, interpreted by a warm and expressive vocal. The intertwining of keyboards and flute are valuable and the rhythmic session elaborate, a song that immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of the album. The title track “Gli Alberi di Stavropol” begins with guitar arpeggios and a deep bass line on which the vocal is inserted and the track increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes. With a melancholic atmosphere and enriched by an instrumental section that highlights the solo guitar and the flute, giving a Folk Prog touch. An intense passage that enhances both the vocal part and the intertwining of the instruments, giving life to a passionate piece. Harser sounds open “Regina in Lacrime” which alternates softer openings with distorted guitar riffs with keyboard orchestrations in the background. A track that manages to bring the sounds of the ’70s Prog to the present day with a songwriting touch, developed in over 6 minutes of duration. Good textures enriched by tempo changes and well composed and performed instrumental sections that give the right space to all the instruments with a winning mix between the various genres and styles. A driving bass line and hard riffs open “L’eta d’Oro” from the tighter and ever-evolving rhythm session, with the sound having a slight Jethro Tull influence. An engaging track that shows a heavier nuance of the band’s sound, skilled in blending symphonic features with distorted guitars and flute inserts. The shorter track of the album “Adria” which sees the participation of Barbara Rubin, is a dreamy passage with intertwining piano, acoustic guitar and violin. Delicate and symphonic it has marked references to classical music, very pleasant. We return to the more Progressive sounds of the band with “Una Nuova Passeggiata” an elaborate track full of tempo changes, with valuable instrumental sections. The vocal is dynamic and very expressive and the flute solo takes the sound to another level, and then ends with a mix of synth and guitar. A drum roll opens “Come le Foglie (Parte 2)” a short but intense track, with a 70s-style synth and the guitar that offers a single prolonged throughout the song. From darker atmospheres and hard “Strade di Fango” guitar riffs with a solid rhythm session, alternate softer passages with more heavy ones with the guitar in evidence. “Grazie per Gli Anni e per i Giorni” is characterized by a background of Ambient keyboards with dilated sounds, on which the guitar is inserted, first acoustic then electro. Entirely instrumental, it alternates solo parts of guitar, flute and keyboard that accompany us for the entire duration, creating an almost spatial atmosphere. We arrived at the final track, the epic “Il Viaggio di Es” with over 14 minutes of duration, which summarizes all the nuances of the band’s sound. The intro is deep with a sombre synth and a warm, expressive vocal with intertwining flute melodies and lead guitar. Between continuous tempo changes the theme of the piece evolves, a concentrate of Prog with a clear Italian style, ranging from Symphonic to more Folk Prog features, forays into Heavy Prog. The alternation of sung parts and instrumental sections is good, enhancing both the compositional and executive techniques of the band, a key track for this album, which closes this listening well. A record that offers the modern sounds of RPI with references of Folk Prog and 70s music. With intense lyrics, interpreted by a dynamic and expressive vocal, which alternates with well composed and performed instrumental sections. Interesting intertwining between flute, guitar and keyboards and with a solid rhythmic session enriched by tempo changes and a driving bass. A listening recommended to all lovers of prog made in Italy, which continues the musical discourse undertaken by the Sithonia, evolving it with personal traits and very intense tracks.


01. Come le Foglie (Parte 1) (2:54)
02. Gli Alberi di Stavropol (5:26)
03. Regina in Lacrime (6:39)
04. L’eta d’Oro (4:39)
05. Adria (2:15)
06. Una Nuova Passeggiata (6:46)
07. Come le Foglie (Parte 2) (2:53)
08. Strade di Fango (3:54)
09. Grazie per Gli Anni e per i Giorni (3:22)
10. Il Viaggio di Es (14:08)


Valerio Roda (Sithonia) / Bass
Marco Giovannini (Sithonia) / Vocals
Sauro Musi (Sithonia) / Guitar
Eleonora Montenegro / Transverse Flute
Nicola Alberghini / Drums
Maurizio Pezzoli / Keyboards

Barbara Rubin / Violin (5)
Maria Grazia Ponziani / Diatonic Accordion (9)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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