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Slowrepeat is a one-man band born in Israel, offering Heavy Psych, Stoner and Doom sounds. The debut EP “Slowrepeat” was released on April 20, 2022 and contains 5 medium length tracks, in which Ben Salomon composed and plays all instruments. The oepener, “A maze of thoughts” is also the longest track on the EP, featuring a slow-moving but powerful rhythmic session. The riffs are heavy and distorted, while the vocal enriched by the effects is inserted giving a dark touch to the song, which flows linear throughout its duration, resulting a little repetitive. A deep bass line opens “Vortex,” which has also been offered as a single. Heavy riffs and a dark vocal add to it, while the rhythm is slow, a track that has the powerful traits of Doom, but like the previous one it doesn’t have great cues or original passages. “Psy fuzz” is characterized by a granite guitar riff and a solid rhythmic session, even here the song flows without major changes or particular passages. With some slight changes in the middle part “The exit from the maze,” develops over a heavy riff and a monolithic rhythmic session. The sound is heavy and granite, with some sound modulations and the vocal that are inserted, making this song the most interesting in my opinion. The final track “… Time of melody” completely changes genre, mixing guitar textures and electronic sounds, showing a different facet of the artist. A listening that in my humble opinion is a bit repetitive, the riffs created by the artist are interesting but without developing the musical textures too much. The starting ideas are valid and if they had evolved with more changes, more engaging and elaborate tracks could be created.


01. A maze of thoughts (05:50)
02. Vortex (05:46)
03. Psy fuzz (04:12)
04. The exit from the maze (05:16)
05. …Time of melody (04:11)


Ben Salomon / All Instruments

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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