[Review] Solace Supplice – “Solace Supplice EP”

Solace Supplice is a new project by the French duo Eric Bouillette & Anne-Claire Rallo formed in 2020, but based in England. Their eponymous EP debut released on 10 July 2020 for Anesthetize Productions contains 5 medium-length tracks. The “Les Miradors” opener begins with an atmospheric intro and dark tones, then with riffs and energetic rhythms enter the heart of the song. The French vowel is warm and adapts best to the various phases of the song, which increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes and in the second part the guitar becomes the protagonist with an excellent solo. The tempo changes in the middle are precise and add quality to the song. “Sunset Street” always starts with a dark atmosphere, with a hypnotic bass and a sharp electric guitar, to then speed up and increase the tempo. The singing alternates clean and other moments with effects, always in line with the music, a modern and qualitatively well elaborated Rock. A sweet carrion and a violin open “Au Cirque Des Ames,” a very theatrical piece, both in the musical part and in the expressive vowel. With a change and acceleration in the rhythm session, the song increases the intensity, with good piano duets and melody guitar. “Schizophrénie paranoïde” is a powerful song with dark melodies, solid bass lines and heavy guitars. The voice with choirs is always pleasant, and the very percussive rhythmic session increases the dark atmosphere of the song. The EP closes with “Dans la couche du diable” a song that begins with a sweet arpeggio on the piano and on the guitar on which a soft and delicate vocal is inserted. A change in which an electric guitar is inserted and a mid-tempo rhythmic session with an elaborate structure. A good solo in the second part and the disc closes. Once again the French duo offers quality music, well structured and performed, this time in their native language. Music combines multiple styles, going from Rock to classic tempo changes of the Prog, and that personal touch that differentiates the work and makes it original. The sung in French is very expressive and emotional, like music, full of ideas and very interesting passages.


  1. Les miradors
  2. Sunset Street
  3. Au cirque des âmes
  4. Schizophrénie paranoïde
  5. Dans la couche du Diable


Solace Supplice : Eric Bouillette & Anne-Claire Rallo Music : Eric Bouillette Drums : Jimmy Pallagrosi Mix and master : Alexandre Lamia Lyrics : Anne-Claire Rallo

Contact : solacesupplice@gmail.com

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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