[Review] Space Mirrors – The Obscure Side Of Art

Space Mirrors is an International Sci-Fi Space Rock collective founded by Alisa Coral in 2002 and featuring many talented musicians from all around the world. The project has changed lineup several times over the years and has released 7 studio albums, the new full-length “The Obscure Side Of Art” was released on February 24, 2022. Contains 6 medium-length tracks, entirely instrumental to which 2 guests collaborate on various types of bass and piano. The album opens with “The Highest Expression of Metaphysical Will” which begins with spatial sounds, which layering enriched with effects guide us throughout the track. The title track “The Obscure Side Of Art” is also the longest running track, exceeding 9 minutes and begins with a solid rhythmic session on which spatial sounds with dark atmospheres develop. The keyboards are at the center of the sound, as are the hypnotic basslines, with the evolving of enveloping synth melodies giving the track a sci-fi connotation. With a markedly sci-fi and cosmic intro “Trip to Mars/Mars InSight” features interweaving of keyboard and guitar and rhythmic drumming that enters slowly. The sounds here are more modern and futuristic, taking us with the mind into deep space and as the title summarizes the discovery of Mars. Developed with a skilful use of effects and mixing electronic and non-electronic sounds, the track is a good journey in the cosmos of over 7 minutes. “Bronze City in the Dream Valley” features a more classic Space Rock sound, with acoustic guitar and flute with added percussion and effects. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, which in the developments includes the electric guitar and more acidic sounds, always linked to the Space genre. Cosmic and more Experimental sounds characterize “Beyond the Pluto” a long journey to the planet Pluto, with a mix of electronic sounds and skilfully dosed effects. The atmosphere and the sounds are dilated and lull us slowly wrapping us throughout the song. The album closes with “Dark Jedi is Dead” which returns to more classic sounds of Space Rock, with a repeated and hypnotic piano melody. The rhythm session is solid and enriched by the tempo changes, while the melodies are an intertwining of keyboards and sounds enriched by the effects, reminding us of bands like Hawkwind. An album that mixes the most classic features of the Space Rock of the origins, with more electronic and modern sounds, enriched by a valuable use of effects. The cosmic atmospheres permeate the record, which takes us with the mind into the deepest space, as the band has accustomed us to. This project confirms to be one of the main groups of the modern Space Rock scene, with a sound that draws inspiration from the masters of the genre and proposes it with its own original personal traits. A listening recommended for lovers of Space Rock sounds and bands like Hawkwind, a good journey through the cosmos and deep space.


01. The Highest Expression of Metaphysical Will (05:14)
02. The Obscure Side Of Art (09:06)
03. Trip to Mars/Mars InSight (07:56)
04. Bronze City in the Dream Valley (08:31)
05. Beyond the Pluto (07:09)
06. Dark Jedi is Dead (05:39)


Alisa Coral / Keyboards and Synthesizers, All Guitars, Flutes, Electronic Percussion and Drums

Gabriel Monticello / Bass Guitar (3,6), Upright Bass (5), Contrabass Balalaika (2)
Yael Kroy / Piano (6)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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