[Review] Deception Store – Pindaric Flights

Deception Store is a project conceived by Marco Pantozzi, who after having signed a contract with Ma.Ra.Cash. Records proposed the debut of the band. Titled “Pindaric Flights” it was released on November 30, 2021 and contains 12 Rock tracks, with Prog and Psychedelic influences. With guest collaboration on music and vocals on two tracks, the album features sophisticated lyrics dealing with current issues. The opener “Lifetime” is a Floydian-inspired track, with good mixes between piano and guitar, while the vocals are warm and expressive. The short is good only in the final part, a track that immediately plunges into the sound of the disc. The following “I Do It My Way” sees the collaboration of Roberta Stancheddu on the female voice, a delicate track with dreamy sounds. A track that increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes, enhanced by the vocal duet and the tempo changes of the second part. An important and delicate issue such as gambling addiction is dealt with in “One More Time” which was featured as a single. An intense track full of pathso, enriched by tempo changes with good instrumental cues in the final part. More Rock-style “Rock-Star (Meteorite)” which describes how people seek visibility in the music landscape, as the title summarizes. A rhythmic and engaging track, with good electric guitar inserts and solid drumming. “New Bad Day” returns to softer and more melancholy sounds, describing another negative day, another, without being able to see an end. A track full of pathos, with sonority and an enveloping vocal that guide us from the beginning to the end of the piece. The longest track of the album “Pindaric Flight” which exceeds 7 minutes in duration, opens with an acoustic guitar arpeggio and a warm and expressive vocal. The first part is practically acoustic, to then develop more Progressive textures with references to Pink Floyd and good guitar and keyboard weaves. A theme of hope for a better world characterizes “A New World,” describing with an intended trace the desire to reach this state. Here too the sound is delicate and soft, with intertwining guitar and keyboard and a soft rhythm, a mainly sung track. “Timeline” is a track that mixes multiple genres and styles, going from Pop to Rock, between tempo changes and harder inserts with good guitar works. A constantly evolving song, which sums up all the facets of Marco’s sound. Another current and recurring theme such as the distance between loved ones is dealt with in “Distant Lover,” a track with delicate and very touching features. Short-lived, but intense in content and music. Continuing on a soft sound “Close Your Eyes” is characterized by the layering of the vocal with sweet traits, while the musical textures have dreamy rats. This song is also intense and has a good emotional charge. The shortest track of the album “Free” of just over 1 minute, entirely instrumental with sweet piano melodies with dreamy features. The final track “E Immagino Se” is also the only one sung in Italian, with a warm and expressive vocal and an atmosphere full of pathos, very intense. Pleasant and smooth, like the whole record, it leaves us with good sensations. An album that is difficult to place in a single genre, with within it different styles and influences, which characterize the artist’s baggage. Intense and full of pathos, from softer sounds we move on to more Pop / Rock tracks, where the artist deals with very current and everyday themes. A pleasant listening from start to finish, where the lyrics and the topics covered are enhanced by a delicate sound and dreamy features.


01. Lifetime (03:08)
02. I Do It My Way (04:10)
03. One More Time (03:42)
04. Rock-Star (Meteorite) (03:09)
05. New Bad Day (03:21)
06. Pindaric Flight (07:36)
07. A New World (03:45)
08. Timeline (03:18)
09. Distant Lover (02:12)
10. Close Your Eyes (04:20)
11. Free (01:15)
12. E Immagino Se (04:10)


Marco Pantozzi / Vocals
Joe Chiericati / Keyboards, Piano
Stefano Nicli / Guitar
Teo Ederle / Bass
Thomas Ebner / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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