[Review] Spiral Skies – Death Is But A Door

Spiral Skies is a Swedish band from Stockholm that offers a sound that mixes 70s Psychedelia with 80s Heavy Metal, with insights into Doom, Folk and Fuzz. The new album “Death Is But A Door” was released on March 25, 2022 via AOP Records and contains 9 tracks ranging from 3:33 to over 5 minutes. The album opens with “The Endless Sea” which begins with a dreamy arpeggio and Frida’s warm vocal, then develops with granite electric guitar riffs and a massive rhythm session. Enriched by the tempo changes, the track mixes 70s traits with the personal touch of the band, enhancing the singer’s talents and the ability to create engaging atmospheres with refined passages. Fuzzy guitar riffs open “While the Devil Is Asleep” characterized by continuous changes of tempo, managing to recreate the atmosphere of the early ’70s. More delicate parts intertwine with harder ones, with the leading voice and the guitar offering a good solo insert in the instrumental section. With rhythmic drumming and an accelerated bassline begins “Into the Night.” Granitic guitar riffs and the fine vocal, a track that mixes the energy of 80s Metal with the sounds of the early 70s, energetic and engaging. The shorter track on the album “Somewhere in the Dark” has a more modern approach, with engaging choral choruses and a more melodic first part. The rhythmic session marks an energetic and linear mid-tempo and the piece flows pleasantly for the entire duration. “Heart of Darkness” features more Doom-inspired guitar riffs, with a darker singing, reminiscent of the sounds of the genre masters of the early 1970s. A very intense track that enhances the vocal skills and develops with successful and engaging riffs, while the constantly changing rhythm is characterized by successful accelerations that increase its intensity. A more Metal setting intro opens “Nattmaran” which creates an atmosphere closer to Occult Rock and Doom, with heavy guitar riffs. The vocal is deep and dark and recalls bands like Coven, while in the central part with a change the track is transformed with the entry of choral parts. The tempo changes enhance the band’s technique, offering a good instrumental section in the second part. “Time” opens with a delicate guitar arpeggio to develop a softer piece with a slow rhythm and a vovcale full of pathos. After a softer first part, the track increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes between tempo changes and intense and engaging passages. Mixing Psychedelia and Rock with a good use of the effects develops “Mirage” with references to the sounds of the late ’60s. A song that reminds us of a ride in the canyons of the Far-West, with a good instrumental section and rhythmic drumming, while the guitar is enriched by the effects as well as the vocal. The album ends with “Mirror of Illusion” a track that brings back to the present day the most classic Rock sounds of the 70s, with good guitar textures and a warm and expressive vocal. The rhythmic session is elaborate and slower, increasing in intensity in the final part, closing the piece in crescendo with an interesting instrumental cue. A good album that mixes multiple genres and styles between Psychedelia, Doom and 70’s Rock with forays into Metal. Excellent vocal performance, with a warm and expressive singing, successful and engaging riffs and a solid rhythmic session enhanced by tempo changes. A listening recommended for lovers of early 70s sounds, the band is able to bring those atmospheres back to the present day.


01. The Endless Sea (05:11)
02. While the Devil Is Asleep (04:02)
03. Into the Night (04:24)
04. Somewhere in the Dark (03:33)
05. Heart of Darkness (04:43)
06. Nattmaran (05:51)
07. Time (05:27)
08. Mirage (05:03)
09. Mirror of Illusion (05:20)


Frida Eurenius / Vocals
Dan Svanljung / Guitar, Organ, Piano, Didgeridoo
Jonas Lyander / Guitar
Eric Sandberg / Bass
Daniel Bäckman / Drums, Percussion.

Additional musicians:
Rickard Uttermalm
 / Choir
Emil Drougge / Guitar, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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