[Review] Black Expression – Mas Experiencia

Black Expression is an Argentine band that mixes the 70’s Progressive sounds and the modern Heavy Prog, born from an idea of the guitarist Eduardo Jorge Martinez. The new album “Mas Experincia” was released on December 10, 2021 and contains 6 long tracks entirely instrumental with guitar and keyboard textures, full of virtuosity. The album opens with “Envuelto en Misterio” which begins with a guitar arpeggio and keyboard background, then develops into an elaborate rhythmic session. The synths are intertwined with the electric guitar and arpeggios, with the song increasing in intensity with the passing of the minutes, becoming even more intricate the sound. A track that immediately plunges us into the pleasant atmosphere of the album, managing to mix the classic features of Prog with modern style and sounds. The next “Abajo” is the longest track on the album and was also proposed as a single to present the album, which opens with keyboard orchestrations. After 2:30 intro the track comes alive with a mixture of Heavy and Symphonic Prog sounds intertwining orchestrations with distorted guitar riffs. A track that is characterized by continuous changes of tempo, which after a not too incisive first part, improves with the passing of the minutes. In the second part the mixes between guitar and keyboard are more amalgamated, and the solo inserts enhance the individual technique of the band’s artists. “999” is an intermittent track focused on the guitar frantically dueling with the drum, with some virtuosic passages touching Heavy Metal. “Esperando Ayuda” is an intricate track, with constant tempo changes between accelerates and openings with the keyboards in evidence. The sound mixes features of Fusion and modern Progressive with more Heavy features, with extensive use of synthesizers that are intertwined with the guitar. A good piano intro opens “Iniciacion” on which the drumming breaks, giving life to an instrumental section centered on a duet between bass and keyboards. With the entry of the guitar, the sound becomes more aggressive and the rhythm session accelerates, developing intricate interweaving between the various instruments. More symphonic openings counterbalance accelerations that bring the sound to a heavier genre. Good solo inserts on both guitar and keyboard, the best parts of the song and the most incisive. Closes the album “Inconcluso” opens with a pompous sound that mixes synth and electric guitar with massive riffs and solid drumming. Between continuous and accelerated tempo changes, the track develops good virtuosity and good ideas, between continuous solos that enhance all the instruments, the best track in my opinion on the album. An album that contains some good ideas, sometimes more incisive passages and others less, with good solo inserts that enhance the individual technique. In some passages, in my humble opinion, the instruments are less linked to each other and do not fully enhance the ideas and techniques of the musicians. A band that has good ideas and good foundations to start from, with some small details to improve future releases will certainly be of greater impact. The virtuosity and the technique are there, sometimes they are more engaging in others less, in some places a pleasant listening.


01. Envuelto en Misterio (06:08)
02. Abajo (13:32)
03. 999 (04:06)
04. Esperando Ayuda (05:52)
05. Iniciacion (12:18)
06. Inconcluso (06:56)


Eduardo Martinez / Guitar, Acoustics, Bass
Pablo Martinez / Piano, Minimoog, Lead, Pad, Synth, Arp2600, Hammond
Gabriel Bikerway / Drums, Vibraphone, Percussions

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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