[Review] Steak – Acute Mania

Steak are a Stoner/Desert Rock band from UK, with solid sounds and forays into Heavy Blues. The third album “Acute Mania” was released on April 01, 2022 via Ripple Music and contains 8 medium to long playing tracks. The “Wolves” opening track whose rhythmic session that moves slowly with deep and load -bearing bass and good guitar works. The vocal is warm and expressive, while the sound atmosphere is enveloping and the intensity that increases with the flow of minutes, evolving and modulating the sounds with the guitar in the center of the scene. In the central part, the band shows off its most heavy sections, with forays into the Stoner who accompany us to the ending with a solid solid rhythmic session and successful guita riuffs. Heavy guitar riffs, a powerful drumming and low -driving lines develops “Dead Meat,” enriched by a vowel full of effects. The sound here is more heavy than the previous one, enriched with time changes and accelerated with good solo ideas by combining Stoner, Heavy Rock and the band’s personal traits. Guitar and percussion arpeggios open “Ancestors,” a track that in the introductory part shows a softer and more Psychedelic side with retro overtones. The vocal is dynamic and after the first part, the band increases in intensity with more distorted sounds, alternating delicate parts and heavier openings, thanks to continuous tempo changes. A very intense song, which in the end leaves room for a valuable guitar solo. “Last Days” is characterized by a long and dark intro with deep lines of bass and guitar inserts and a warm and expressive vowel. In the first part, the rhythmic is slow and the enveloping sounds, and then increase the intensity and enrich with changes and instrumental passages with the guitar in evidence. The riffs and musical plots are successful and engaging, as well as the modulations of the sounds. With more acid lines and rich in distorted sounds that intertwine with the “Frequencies” effects, it shows a more psychedelic side of the sound of the band in the first part. With a change and entry of granite riffs and an energetic vocal, the band shifts the sound towards a Stoner that alternates heavier and softer passages. Long instrumental textures and powerful drumming combine with the energy released by the guitar riffs, creating an engaging song that enhances the personal traits of the band. Powerful and distorted sounds open “System” from monolithic drumming and deep and driving bass lines, with a dynamic vocal that alternates solo and choral parts. Blending the heavier traits of the band’s sound with sophisticated and well-constructed passages is another modern Stoner bomb. The more lunag track on the album “Papas Special Custard” begins with dark bass lines that characterize the introductory part. Enter a very percussive drumming and scratchy guitar riffs, developing with a very convincing granite rock. In the central part enters a vocal rich in effects, enveloping and the sound becomes softer and Acid. In the second part, mainly instrumental, the intensity increases, to close in crescendo with good guitar solo textures. The final track of the “Mono” album begins with melancholic guitar arpeggios and an enveloping vocal. The song develops with powerful drumming and massive guitar riffs, always with a melancholic atmosphere and is enriched with changes in intensity. With an interweaving of several voices and good guitar textures, the track and the disc ends. A listening in line with the Stoner and Heavy Rock releases of recent years, proposed with a personal style, energetic and engaging tracks and granite riffs. The rhythmic sessions are solid and the vocals dynamic and expressive, giving life to a very convincing sound overall. A listening recommended for lovers of the harshest sounds of Rock and with the Stoner imprint, an engaging album from start to finish.

Decibel Peak // Sunset Overdrive (T...


01. Wolves (06:11)
02. Dead Meat (03:02)
03. Ancestors (05:34)
04. Last Days (07:25)
05. Frequencies (07:46)
06. System (03:53)
07. Papas Special Custard (08:28)
08. Mono (05:05)


Dean Deal / Drums
Reece Tee / Guitar
James “Cam” Cameron / Bass
Chris “Kippa” Haley / Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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