[Review] The Black Cat’s Eye – The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock​-​Headed Julia

The Black Cat’s Eye are a band that combines the psychedelic sounds of the past and modern sounds through their own personal style. The new full-length “The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia” was released on March 24, 2023 via Tonzonen Records. A long suite of over 20 minutes and four other tracks make up the tracklist, which is homogeneous and full of high-level creative ideas. The opener “Kill The Sun And The Moon And The Stars” is the longest track on the album, exceeding 20 minutes in length. It features a long introductory part with intertwining guitar arpeggios and keyboards, to which the deep bass notes are added. The intensity increases as the minutes go by and the central theme of the song evolves, amid dreamy atmospheres and enveloping sounds, skilfully modulated and enriched with effects by the band. With a tempo change at 6 minutes, solid and elaborate drumming enters, and thanks to the valuable use of effects and the interweaving of guitar and keyboards, the song evolves with continuous dreamy openings. In the middle of the song, it transforms with distorted guitar riffs and valuable solo inserts, intense and emotional, combining tradition with the most modern psychedelic sounds thanks to the band’s personal character. With continuous tempo changes and excellent guitar and keyboard work, the track concludes by returning to the softer sounds of the first part. A well-constructed suite, which throughout its duration keeps the listener involved and enveloped in the band’s sound. The following “Katla” is a track with a frenetic and pressing rhythmic opening, then developing with a scratchy guitar. The rhythm section is solid, with leading bass lines and energetic, elaborate drumming enriched by continuous tempo changes. The guitar offers distorted riffs and solo inserts of fine workmanship, and then flows into a more experimental section in the finale with electronic sounds that blend with the more traditional Rock. “Winter Song” is a more delicate track with a warm and expressive vocal part. A track reminiscent of the sounds of the late 1960s, proposed with the band’s personal touch that brings them into a modern context, a smooth and pleasant passage. Returning to more energetic sounds, “In My Dreams The Wind Chases Away The Clouds” features gritty drumming and sharp guitar work. The guitar is at the centre of the sound between riffs and solo inserts that accompany us throughout the song, following the continuous tempo changes of the rhythm, always very energetic and well structured. The album ends with “Lostlostlostlostlost” an energetic track with a deep, enveloping vocal. A rhythmic and addictive track that leaves us with a positive feeling and the desire to listen to the disoc many more times in the future. A band that manages to combine the traditional and modern sounds of the Psychedelic genre thanks to their distinctly personal style. Precious guitar and keyboard interlacing, a long suite of over 20 minutes that is definitely a highlight of the album. A confirmation of the good things heard on previous EP and a band that shows quality technique and ideas. A recommended listen for all lovers of Psychedelic Rock sounds, combining tradition and projecting the genre into the future.


01. Kill The Sun And The Moon And The Stars (20:15)
02. Katla (05:03)
03. Winter Song (03:44)
04. In My Dreams The Wind Chases Away The Clouds (05:23)
05. Lostlostlostlostlostlostlostlost (05:30)


Christian Blaser / Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Wolfgang Schönecker / Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Steffen Ahrens / Electric Guitars, Guitar Noises
Jens Cappel / Electric Bass
Stefan Schulz-Anker / Drums and Percussion

Walter Dorn
/ Flute on “Winter Song
Lucie Cerveny / Backing Vocals on “Lostlostlostlostlostlostlostlost

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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