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The Damnation Project is a Progressive Rock / Metal Greek project born in 2009 as a full band and transformed into a one-man band, which has released 4 studio albums. The new release titled “4” was released on May 25, 2022 and contains 12 medium-length tracks. The album opens with “Show Me” featuring distorted guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session, the vocal interprets the song well. An energetic track that is closer to traditional Rock sounds than Prog, with a short instrumental section in the final and a guitar solo. A deep bass line and piano notes open “Decisions,” a track with a melancholic atmosphere with good guitar textures and a warm and expressive vocal. In the second part the guitar offers an intense solo insert that accompanies us all the way to the finale. “A Secret Walk to the Beach” is an intertwining of acoustic guitar arpeggios on which guitar solos are inserted, a passage with the most delicate sounds. The longest track on the album “I Can See You,” which exceeds 8 minutes, is characterized by good guitar textures and a deep and supportive bass line. With darker features, with the intensity that increases with the passing of the minutes, it is an entirely instrumental track that shows a heavier side of the artist’s sounds. Distorted guitar riffs and a deep bass line open “Saturday Night,” characterized by solid, linear drumming. A track that returns to sounds closer to classic Rock than to Prog, which I have not found in these initial 5 songs. A background with orchestrations on the keyboards, the guitar offering solsite inserts of good quality characterize the instrumental “Memories.” A track with a melancholic atmosphere, with a slow drumming and intertwining between keyboards and well-made guitar. “A Game of Chess” combines the Rock traits that characterized the first songs with a more Pop touch and close to the ‘song.’ The sound is solid, but it differs from Progressive, despite being energetic and engaging it is more Pop/Rock, mainly sung. Guitar arpeggios characterize the opening part of “Go to Hell,” which increases in intensity as the minutes pass. To note the good electric guitar solo in the second part, the most elaborate passage of the piece. “Soul Kitchen Blues” is a long acoustic track with only acoustic guitar and vocals, where in my opinion the duration is excessive for how the theme of the piece is developed. Hard guitar riffs open “Woman” which follows the sounds more of a Hard Rock hit, with some interesting bass cues and some more elaborate changes. Here too the Progressive sounds are not received, the track is engaging but more commercial. More interesting and with more elaborate sounds “Fool to Cry” is an energetic rhythmic track, with a mixture of modern Rock and closer to Prog sounds. A good solo in the second part is in my opinion the most incisive and refined passage of the piece. The album ends with “Siempre” a blend of acoustic guitar arpeggios, electric solo inserts and keyboard backgrounds, creating one of the most interesting and elaborate tracks on the record. I was expecting Progressive sounds as per presentation, but listening to it I found it much closer to classic Rock, with Pop traits and a few elaborate passages. More linear tracks and without too many instrumental sections, favoring a development more in the form of a ‘song.’ The sound is pleasant but it differs too much from the Prog in my opinion, making it appreciable for a different audience and lover of more commercial sounds.

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01. Show Me (05:08)
02. Decisions (05:30)
03. A Secret Walk to the Beach (03:59)
04. I Can See You (08:08)
05. Saturday Night (03:34)
06. Memories (04:31)
07. A Game of Chess (03:36)
08. Go to Hell (04:47)
09. Soul Kitchen Blues (06:03)
10. Woman (03:54)
11. Fool to Cry (04:49)
12. Siempre (05:11)


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